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It may sound a little simplistic, maybe even too good to be true, but you’d be surprised how a few well-placed hooks and clips can help organize the belongings in your life.


Organizing odds and ends that clutter up counters, cabinets, and any available space around your home can be a relentless task. Just when you think you have everything under control, 24 hours pass and it seems to be in disarray again.

One way you can combat some of that clutter is with the use of hooks and clips. It may sound a little simplistic, maybe even too good to be true, but you’d be surprised what a few well-placed hooks can do to keep piles from forming and overtaking the surrounding space.

Clips and Hooks in the Kitchen

There are a myriad of small items used on a regular basis in the kitchen, and digging through drawers and cabinets for the needed measuring spoon or pot lid wastes time (and sanity). Here are a few ways that hooks and clips can help keep your kitchen more organized.

  • Trash bags – Put a hook on either side of the trash can to loop drawstring bags on and keep them from falling into the can when you throw something away.
  • Pot lids – Hooks on the backs of cabinet doors are great mechanisms for storing pot lids. Two hooks for each lid, placed at approximately four o’clock and eight  o’clock on the lid’s circumference, will keep the lid secure and easy to find.
  • Cleaning gloves – “You can hang anything from these hooks, even if they don’t ‘hook’ onto things well,” says Melanie Pinola of Lifehacker.  “For example this trick from The Borrowed Abode blog hangs rubber gloves out of sight but in reach (and hanging to dry) with a command hook and that other indispensible tool, a binder clip.”
  • Measuring cups – Hang measuring cups on the wall behind the stove with an adhesive hook for quick and easy access. Or use adhesive hooks to attach old measuring cups to the outsides of plastic containers used for cereal or flour to easily scoop the contents out.
  • Cooking utensils – Most cooking utensils come with holes in the handles just for hanging, but few people actually hang them. Instead of rummaging through a drawer for your favorite ladle, or digging through a basket for the small spatula, attach a few hooks to the wall near your usual working and cooking space so your most-used utensils are always on hand.

Hooks and Clips in the Office

Adhesive hooks are a great way to hide cords in the office (as well as bedrooms or the living room). The smallest hooks are best. Attach them on the discreet sides and legs of a desk or table and guide the wires through the hooks to conceal the wires.

If your router clutters up your desk and often gets knocked over, you can use adhesive hooks to mount the router  to the wall. You can also hang headphones to the side of your monitor with hooks.

Make a statement and get organized by attaching a peg board to an old picture frame. Use hooks in the pegs to hang the items you use most, such as cups with pens or scissors. You can also string a wire and use clips to hang a calendar and important documents from the peg board.

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clothes rack with a jeans jacket in a beach cabin

Hooks and Clips Everywhere Else

If your kids like to grab a snack or use the bathroom while playing a game or watching a show on the tablet, you can easily provide a way to keep the tablet free of germs and grime so the kids won’t miss a beat. Make a variety of tablet stations around your home by hanging three adhesive wall hooks (two on bottom and one on the side) to match the size of your tablet. Place the hooks on the wall across from the toilet for longer bathroom breaks or near the dining room table for a mini-theater experience during snack time.  Put another set in the kitchen so you can watch cooking shows for dinner prep.

Create a changeable art display anywhere in your home with binder clips hung on adhesive hooks attached to the walls. When your kids bring home new projects, you can display them artfully without cluttering up the fridge (and without constantly changing out frames).

Removable adhesive hooks are a great way to hang curtain rods without damaging the walls. Many adhesive hooks come in styles to match any home décor, such as silver or brushed copper. Keep purses and bags off the floor by adding hooks to the hanging rod in your coat closet. Add place low hooks near the entry closet door or coat rack so kids can hang their own jackets and bags.

There are many more things you can do with hooks and clips around your home to make items more accessible and keep organization a priority. It may even be helpful to keep extra hooks on hand, just in case you get inspired to use them in ways that haven’t occurred to others yet.


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