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Need to get organized? You’re not alone. There are millions of self-proclaimed procrastinators who put off until tomorrow what they could do today. Here are 10 home organization resources from around the web.


Need to get organized? You’re not alone.

There are millions of self-proclaimed procrastinators who put off until tomorrow what they could do today. Maybe you just lack the motivation to roll up your sleeves and get it done. You might even have a bona fide condition—be it behavioral, mental or physical—that’s keeping you from being as organized as you’d like to be. Whatever it is that’s keeping you from clearing up the clutter in your home, someone or something can help you move toward the orderly lifestyle you seek. The following is a short list of ten home organization resources to get you started.

Blogs and Websites

The sheer volume of online resources about clutter speaks to how many of us need help. Here are two of the best sites.

1.    A good place to start is the Organized Home. With a heavy emphasis on cleaning tips and motivation, there’s a little something for every kind of clutterer here. Editor Cynthia Ewer writes, “Beginning your war against clutter with a small success provides welcome motivation for the long haul.”[1] Along with big-topic navigation tabs, like “Cut Clutter” and “Clean House”, the site includes time-saving tips such as menu planning and goal-setting advice. It also targets specific problem areas (i.e. Christmas clutter, crafting clutter, and hobby clutter). There’s a handy, printable household notebook with separate pages for things such as freezer and pantry inventory checklists, seasonal chore checklists, and yard sale checklists.

2.    Get Organized Now is a comprehensive resource with a wealth of organizing content on a variety of subjects, including kids’ clutter, home office organization, storage solutions and time management. There’s a blog as well as a discussion forum, some reader tips, and a free newsletter.


You could fill a library with self-help books on organization, but then you’d have another potential source of clutter to deal with. These titles are available as e-books (one of the best clutter-busting inventions ever).

3.    Totally Organized: The Bonnie McCullough Way by Bonnie McCullough delivers on its promise to provide “easy-to-use techniques for getting control of your time and your home.” Content focuses on fast results and includes tips for maximizing your work motions, handling holidays and organizing your kids’ stuff. In the foreword, McCullough points out that the aim is not perfection, but rather having a home that doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your life.  Her philosophy is “people are more important than things, but the order of things affects people.”

4.    The Procrastinator’s Handbook: Mastering the Art of Doing It Now by Rita Emmett, a professional speaker, consultant and admitted procrastinator, addresses one of the underlying causes of clutter. Chapters cover types of procrastination, why we procrastinate and proven strategies for conquering the problem. It’s an upbeat message that encourages you to succeed. As she notes at the end of the book:

You can change your old procrastinating ways: Don’t forget Emmett’s Law: the dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing the task itself. So go ahead and get started creating the life you want. 

Home Org Resources


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Yes, there is an app for this, too—several apps in fact. Here are two.

5.    For less than a dollar, LifeTopix by Light Arrow, Inc. will keep everything in one handy place:  calendars, notes, daily agendas, shopping lists, to-do lists, even passwords. It has a simple, clean and easy-to-use interface. It backs up to cloud services like Evernote, and it can be accessed by a desktop app, too. Get it at iTunes.

6.    For Android users, there’s Cozi, designed to bring order to potentially chaotic family life. It’s a free service that lets you manage your to-do lists, chores and calendars. Cozi claims to seamlessly sync across multiple devices, so you can create and manage a centralized family calendar. Learn more and install it at Google Play.


Can’t go it alone? Sometimes disorganization is the result of a more serious condition or emotional problem. Try one of these support group resources.

7.    Clutterers Anonymous is based on AA’s famous 12-Step program. It offers face-to-face and telephone meetings as well as web-based content and a newsletter.

8.    ADDitude is an online magazine and resource for people with attention deficit disorder. It includes a 10-point plan, designed by a professional organizer, to help adults with ADD to unclutter and organize their desks and office space in fewer than two hours.

Professional Help

Is it time to send in the cleaning Marines? Check out these services to help you find and evaluate professional organizers.

9.    National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is a group of some 4,200 professional organizers “dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives.” In addition to promoting professional standards for the organizing industry, NAPO offers consumer tips and a Professional Organizer Directory to help you find qualified help in your area.

10.  Professional Organizers Online helps you locate a pro to organize your home or business. This organization also offers virtual organizers who can provide assistance via phone, e-mail, video or the web.

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