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If you wish your closet was better organized but have been putting the project off, use these tips to tackle the mess and get it under control.


Organize Your Closet Like a Professional

Do you wish your clothes closet was better organized, but yet you keep putting that project off until you have enough time to think about it?

An organized closet can give you a better start to your day, save you time, and make you feel better about yourself and your home – it’s definitely worth the effort!

To make this project less overwhelming and easier to start, let’s break down the necessary tasks into simple 10-minute updates that are sure to transform your closet and your life.

Remove Excess

Commit to spending 10 minutes a day decluttering your closet and any place you keep clothes (such as dressers or extra closets) until the job is done.

It is a waste of time to try to organize things you don’t need, so decluttering is always the first place to start. If you have too much stuff, staying organized with clutter will be an ongoing battle and you’ll waste valuable space storing things you never wear.

If you don’t wear it or need it, it’s time to let someone else have it. If it is stained or ripped, let it go. Do you feel like you might wear it someday? Let it go if you haven’t worn it in the past year. Do you feel good in it? Keep it. Do you feel frumpy when you wear it? Let it go. If it doesn’t fit (even if you think it will fit again someday), let it go.

Be ruthless about letting things go. Give yourself the gift of buying something new someday if you find your size changes in the future or a special occasion comes where you will need something you don’t have. Chances are, styles will change and your shape might change a bit over time anyway, so hanging on to clothes for “someday” isn’t necessarily even the most frugal choice.

Remember, you don’t want to continue to dig through a dusty, overstuffed closet for things you will rarely wear or things that you don’t feel confident in.

Unify Your Hangers

Upgrade to a set of matching, unified clothes hangers. This is a quick fix that will not only transform the look of your closet but will make hanging up clothes easier and more efficient. No more tangled hangers and frustrating mornings. A unified closet will also inspire you to keep it more organized.

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Add Hanging Storage

To make better use of the space you have, add a new hanging canvas bag with compartments for folded sweaters, pants, or shoes. This will utilize your vertical space and give you easy access to what you need.

Add Over-the-Door Organizers

If you have a closet or bathroom door, consider adding an over-the-door organizer with rows of hooks for sweatshirts, coats, bags, or belts. You can also get an over-the-door organizer with pouches for extra shoe storage.

Utilize Space Saving Hangers and Hooks

Be more efficient! There are many space-saving hanger options available, like hangers with circular slots to hold scarves or swing-arm multi-level hangers for pants. What hangers or hooks could you add to make getting dressed less stressful and even encourage more creativity with your clothing? Being able to see and easily reach your scarves, for instance, could inspire new outfits out of items you already have.

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Organize with Bins

Group categorized items together into bins or baskets on a shelf. This works best when storing items you don’t need quite as often, such as special occasion accessories or shoes, especially if they are stored on a higher shelf. Be sure to label the bin so you can tell at a glance what’s inside. To make shelving more accessible, keep a foldable stepstool in the back of your closet or on a hook.

Creative Storage

If your closet is too small for your needs and you’ve eliminated the excess, it’s time to get creative. Take 10 minutes and look around the house for hidden opportunities for storage. Under the bed, in another room, or in a dresser or freestanding closet are all great ideas. Set up an additional storage area for out of season clothing or shoes, but only if they are things you will actually wear.

Weekly Tidying

If your closet slips into disarray again, set aside 10 minutes a week to tidy it back up again. Don’t let it go weeks without returning it to order.

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