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If you don’t like what you see when you walk in your front door, it’s time to take action! Reclaim order and reduce entryway clutter with these tips.


As the season changes from summer to fall, we are turning our attention back to the inside of our home. If you don’t like what you see when you walk in your front door, it’s time to take action. During this in-between season – after summer and before the holidays – we have the opportunity to reclaim order and reduce clutter.

It’s hard to really feel at home when the clutter is piled high and disorder frustrates us all day long. So let’s make some changes to make our house feel more like the welcoming home we want it to be! I think the entry is the perfect starting place for a fall refresh.

Here are three essentials for an organized and welcoming entry:

1) Hooks

Decorative wall hooks can help you bring more order to your entry if you have a small coat closet or no closet at all. It’s usually possible to find a little space for coat hooks in a small entry or even in an entry that opens directly to a living room. If your space is small, choose smaller scale decorative hooks so they won’t visually overwhelm your space. If you hang hooks in drywall, for added stability you should first mount the hooks on a piece of wood (you can paint it if you’d like) and then use wall anchors to mount the wood to the wall.

2) Landing Zones

The secret to organization for the daily clutter that accumulates at home is often to create a specific landing zone for the items that most frequently pile up. Once everything has a designated place to go, it’s easier to maintain and restore order. Decide which items tend to create clutter in your home and make it your mission to give them a home – or give them away!

Paper and mail are common offenders, so create specific landing zones for paper to be deposited.

My goal is to handle paper as little as possible, so I put unnecessary flyers, mail, envelopes or newspapers directly in a recycling bin. Bills should go directly to a bill-paying basket. Papers that belong to other family members go in their own designated baskets. Then set aside a specific time at the end of each week for baskets and bins to be emptied so you can start fresh in the new week.

organized Hallway

3) Contained Storage

Your entry will look more welcoming and feel much more organized if you can find ways to incorporate closed storage in your entry or near your entry. While decluttering is the goal, sometimes you simply can’t get rid of everything. But if too many items are out in the open, your room will feel cluttered. Closed storage is a great way to restore order. My two personal favorite additions to my entry are my flea market dresser and my baskets. Both give me a place to stash seasonal items that we use regularly and keep our entry from looking cluttered.

Are you ready to reorganize your entry?

About the Author

Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels is the author and creator of one of the top home decorating blogs on the web, The Inspired Room. She has been featured on such sites and publications as, Apartment Therapy, and Ladies Home Journal.

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