Take our 7 step Bedroom Refresh Challenge from best-selling author, Melissa Michaels. Her simple but smart ideas will help you achieve the bedroom makeover of your dreams.

Spruce up your bedroom with this refresh challenge from The Inspired Room

Your bedroom should be a serene and beautiful place you enjoy. But if your bedroom is currently a dumping ground for clothes and papers, it’s a great time for a bedroom refresh. Below you’ll find a Bedroom Makeover Challenge with a list of simple steps to inspire you to transform your space.

But no need to feel overwhelmed at the thought of a challenge, this “challenge” isn’t challenging at all! It won’t take months to accomplish, I promise. I’ve broken my bedroom makeover steps down into a manageable to-do list, all of which could be completed in a weekend or over a few evenings. You’ll also find a free printable checklist to help you focus and stay on task. If you really want to be inspired by your completed project, grab your camera and take a “before” shot of your room.

Let’s get started!

1) Do the laundry.

First, grab a basket to gather all the dirty clothing from the room. Next, take the sheets off the bed and get started on your laundry, starting with the sheets. Put away any clean clothes as you complete each load (leaving laundry in baskets only creates more work so always hang and fold clothes right away). Don’t worry about organizing or decluttering the closet today, just focus on transforming the bedroom!

2) Declutter the room.

Now that all the dirty laundry is out of the room, throw open the windows to let in fresh air. Don’t overthink or overcomplicate these next steps, work efficiently to complete the following two decluttering tasks:

1. Take papers to your recycling bin or shredder or file drawer.

2. Clear objects and clutter from your nightstands, dresser tops, and floors and leave them empty for the time being. Save decluttering dresser and nightstand drawers for a separate time.

Create a donation pile and remove unnecessary objects from your room.

3) Clean the surfaces.

Turn on some energizing music and set a timer for no more than 25 minutes! It’s time to get this room clean.

Grab a rag to clean and dust all your surfaces including mirrors, windows and windowsills, blinds, lighting, ceiling fans, etc. Sweep/vacuum all flooring. Take area rugs outside to shake free of dust.

4) Make your bed.

Take your freshly washed bedding from the dryer and make up your bed.

5) Neaten your nightstands.

Bedroom Refresh Challenge from The Inspired Room

Since nightstands are right next to your bed, it’s important to keep them decluttered and organized. Are the drawers stuffed with random things and it is frustrating to find what you need? Here are two simple steps for a tidier nightstand:

1. Declutter each drawer by tossing or donating things you don’t need and only keeping the essentials.

2. Put back only the essentials on the surface such as a lamp, alarm clock if you use one, a small dish that holds your rings or watch, and a book you are currently reading (or use a small basket by the bed to hold books).

6) Simplify your style.

As a treat for your decluttering efforts, add something pretty or stylish to your room. Keep the decor simple and easy to clean. Bring something in from another part of the house or get something new. Try a new accent pillow or two for the bed, a pair of bedside lamps, a new cozy rug by the bed, or a pretty vase or ceramic pot for your nightstand to hold a bouquet of flowers or a new plant.

7) Practice new tidying habits.

Bedroom Refresh Challenge from The Inspired Room

Now that your room is looking so clean and refreshed, you will want to keep it that way, right? But it’s not as challenging as you might think. The secret to keeping a room clean is to give it just a little bit of effort every day. Small daily effort pays off. Commit to making your bed daily (no exceptions!) and decluttering and dusting your nightstand regularly. Set aside a weekend to declutter and organize your closet and dresser, too!

Download my Bedroom Refresh Challenge Printable here.

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