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If you’re a beginning gardener, this guide will help you store and organize your tools in your garden shed.


Gardening is a great hobby; it allows you to spend time outdoors and get some exercise. When you’re just getting started, you’ll want to prioritize the organization and maintenance of the gardening tools you’ll need. Beginning gardeners need to know what tools to have, how to store them, and how to keep them organized in the shed or storage box.

Gardening Essentials

A well-stocked shed or storage box will help ensure that you always have the supplies you need for your garden. A comprehensive list of must-haves will depend on the region you live in and what you plan to grow in your garden. This list of gardening essentials, provided by Mother Nature Network, is a good place to start.

  • Outdoor scissors
  • Weeder (also known as a dandelion digger)
  • Soil knife with a stainless steel blade
  • Pruning shears
  • Water hose and sprayer
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Saw (for cutting back woody plants)
  • Loop hoe
  • Hat (to prevent sunburn)

Gardening Tools Storage Solutions

Organizing the tools in your garden shed or box is imperative so your tools stay in good shape and so you can find the items you need. Consider wire shelving for your garden shed instead of wooden shelves; wire shelves let the light through, making it easier to find items in spaces where you might not have a lot of light. Wire shelving also stands up to water better than wooden shelves, and you’ll definitely have some moisture if your storage area is located outside.

To organize gardening tools, use a magnetic bar. It’s a trick that mechanics have long used to store tools in their shops and according to Better Homes & Gardens, it’s ideal for gardening tools too. “The strips work just as well for metal garden gear such as pruning shears and trowels. Choose a bar with a magnet strong enough to hold the weight of your tools and you’ll always have them within reach.”

For your garden shed to run efficiently, you need a place to work even if it’s raining outside. The solution is to add a potting bench to your storage shed if it’s large enough. This works much like a kitchen counter, providing a surface where you can stand and work. According to Backyard Buildings and More, shipping pallets are an inexpensive material you can use to make your own potting bench. “Slap on a coat of paint and make it even more unique to your own garden.”

Gardening Pic 2

Organization Ideas

Repurposing items you already have in your home or in your self-storage unit will help you bring organization to your garden shed or box. For example, you can take a galvanized paint bucket and turn it into a garden hose caddy. “Drill three holes in a triangular pattern in the bottom of the bucket,” recommend the writers at Martha Stewart. “Depending on your wall, bolt or screw the bucket to the wall; strengthen the cut edges of the holes with washers.” Then, you can wrap your hose around the bucket.

Writers at Martha Stewart also suggest using a bike basket as a place to store miscellaneous items. “It’s sturdy, charming, and just the right size to hold gloves, twine, and other essentials,” according to the website. “An old basket that’s missing its straps is perfect for the job, but you could also use a new one. Hang the basket by its handlebar-strap holes on pegs in the wall.”

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Keep track of what you need to do in your lawn and garden by scheduling it on a calendar. You can create an electronic calendar through a free service like Google, or you can hang a calendar in your shed. You can also note what needs to be planted each month by creating a ribbon organizer. “Each ribbon represents a different month; use clothespins to attach seed packets that need planting during the month,” recommends Better Homes & Gardens. “It’s pretty—and an especially visual way to keep up.”

Having the right tools, maintaining a place to store them, and keeping them organized are key essentials for anyone looking to have a successful garden. Putting time into organizing your garden shed or storage box is just as important as time put into your garden. Using supplies already in your storage unit ensures that your green thumb will be set for success. 

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