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Keep your scrapbooking tools organized, and your scrapbooking space clutter-free with these helpful organization ideas.


Scrapbooking is a hobby that also helps preserve family memories — a win, win scenario. Having the right kind of scrapbook supplies is what makes the difference between a boring layout and a layout that really impresses your friends. When you feel like those supplies start to take over your work area, it’s time to take a break from scrapbooking and use those creative genes to create scrapbook organization.=

Purge Your Scrapbook Supplies

It’s the dreaded “P” word… purge, but it’s necessary to sort through your scrapbook supplies at least twice a year if you want to create and maintain organization. Besides, having an area that’s more organized will help you become more efficient when you sit down to scrapbook. “If you have 54 different shades of green cardstock, it takes time to find the one that’s going to look the best,” says Tammy Dailor from Your Memory Connection. “But if you have 10 shades of green cardstock, you make a simple decision and move on.”

Sort through your supplies — all at once or one drawer at a time — and divide them into one of three piles: keep, donate or trash. According to Dailor, “These decisions are about honesty, not about guilt. At one time it was really cool paper, but if your style has changed and it’s no longer what you like, that’s OK. Only keep the products that are relevant to how you scrapbook today.”

Create Unique Scrapbook Storage Solutions

Before you hit the store looking for the latest scrapbook organization products, look around your house first. According to Scrapbooks Etc., “You just might be amazed at what you have hiding in your kitchen cabinets, on garage shelves or hanging in your closet, waiting to be put to use in new ways.” Simplify 101 co-founder Aby Garvey writes, “Basic containers like bins, baskets and buckets can corral items in your creative space today, and then, when your storage and organizing needs change, you can re-purpose these containers for use in other areas of your home.”

For example, the deep shelves on a wooden shoe rack are a perfect fit for your die cutting machine and all its accessories. The baskets on a tiered shower caddy are ideal for storing supplies like punches, stamps, ink pads and paint.

Remember to utilize as much wall space as possible to keep your work area clean. The Better Homes & Gardens website recommends using pegboard to dress up a bare wall. “Buy pegboard at your local hardware store. Then add molding around the edges and paint according to your room. Customize your board with other gadgets such as hooks, baskets and shelves.”

On the shelves in your space, you can store scrapbook paper in vertical paper storage holders. You can also store items like embellishments, stamps and stickers in clear jars. It looks decorative, but is also functional.

If you find that you have more supplies than storage space, store your extra scrapbook supplies in a tote and put them in storage. A climate-controlled unit is preferred to a garage because it will help preserve the quality of your items.

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Maintain Organization While You Work

Now that your scrapbook workspace is organized, it takes a bit of effort to keep it that way. If you transfer your scrapbook supplies to a common area (like the kitchen table), consider keeping the items you’re using on a serving tray. It’s large enough to hold everything you need for that layout, but it’s easy to pick it up and move it back to your storage area once you need to clean up.

According to the Better Homes & Gardens website, a portable storage caddy is another idea to keep things organized as you work. “This modular storage system makes it super easy to move your supplies where you need. From small tools to paper, this storage unit can hold it all, then roll into the closet once you’re done scrapbooking.”

Finally, for items that you constantly need to access, make sure they’re stored at the front of the shelf where they’re easy to reach. For example, an accordion file is a great place to store ticket stubs, name tags and other souvenir embellishments. However, store your photos in an archival photo box designed to keep pictures organized and in perfect condition until you can include them on your layout.

There’s no reason you can’t have it all… ample scrapbook supplies and a clean and organized space (especially if you store extra supplies in your self-storage unit). You probably already have the products you need to bring organization to your scrapbook area, so get started now to help make sure you continue creating impressive layouts for the years to come.

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