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Try these quick holiday organization tips and see how the holidays take on a new meaning when you’re enjoying the family without being exhausted by endless preparations.


The holidays are finally here, and, for many of us, we’re not sure if we should be excited or stressed out by all of the “to-do” items on our lists this season. Between entertaining the family and decorating the house, the holidays can be one of the most challenging times of the year for getting organized. Amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s also easy to forget that it’s your holiday, too. This year, let’s try a different approach. Let’s get organized as we decorate the house, so that, by the time January comes around, we will already feel like we have a head start on the new year! Try these quick holiday organization tips and see how the holidays take on a new meaning when you’re enjoying the family without being exhausted by endless preparations.

Prioritize which decorations are essential and which are not.

While you may love all of your Christmas tree ornaments from 10 seasons ago, the reality is that most homeowners don’t even need or use the vast majority of decorations they store away. This year, while decorating the tree or putting up outdoor lights, purge what isn’t needed. Instead of keeping lights that sometimes work, throw them away and replace them with new strings. Most likely your old lights aren’t energy efficient and may even be creating more work than necessary as you try to decipher and organize them. Alternatively, heirloom ornaments that have been handed down through generations and special family keepsakes should be priority. Hang on to those while you get rid of broken or outdated decorations. This step will help you determine if you can get rid of many boxes of decorations for the next holiday season.

Give your unwanted holiday decor to charity.

Believe it or not, your old ornaments and holiday lights could be of use to a church, nonprofit organization or even your neighbors down the street who would love just a few more lights on their tree this year. When purging holiday decorations, don’t forget to look to donation centers, shelters and even preschools and children’s hospitals that could use second-hand holiday decorations. This will help you declutter your storage areas and give back to those in need at the same time. After all, the season is all about giving—you could make someone else’s holiday much brighter with your contribution.

Christmas Balls

Have a limit to your holiday decorating.

Every season, there is a common theme in every neighborhood: “Let’s try to have the best-decorated house on the block this year!” But, a sure way to avoid unwanted stress during the holidays is to set limits. Look through your decorations and assess how much you will need to buy, how much can be recycled from last year and how much time it will take to set it up. If you want to, dedicate one weekend to get it all done, then put all of the storage boxes away so you and your family can enjoy the decor. When setting limits, you’ll also want to set them for spending, especially since the holidays can be a never-ending pit of expenses. Once you have a plan stick to it!

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Over this holiday season, your ability to purge, get organized and set limits will open up opportunities to enjoy the holidays, too! From your relatives visiting to making cookies and wrapping presents, there are unlimited ways to enjoy the season without worrying about your holiday decor. The wonderful part about the holidays is that it only comes once a year, so enjoy it. Once the holidays have passed, you will start the new year off with plenty of storage space, along with the peace of mind and gratitude that comes from knowing you enjoyed another holiday season with those who mean the most to you.

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