We’ve teamed up with Lia Griffith to bring you a printable calendar for 2017. This stylish desk calendar includes timely tips to help you stay organized throughout the year.

Printable Calendar for 2017

The new year always provides an opportunity for a fresh start. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day, sometimes the best thing that you can do is organize your living space. Tasks can seem more manageable when you can compartmentalize, so having a monthly calendar to schedule and remind you of your organizational to-do’s can really help give you the motivation you need to get things done.

Our monthly organizational calendar comes with suggestions for how to tackle your projects. For each month, we have added a suggestion for how to simplify, organize and beautify your home and life. Of course, feel free to take these as light suggestions. The text is completely editable and you are welcome to add in all those personal organizing projects that you’ve been meaning to get to.

To edit the calendar, download and install the free font Arcon. When you are finished customizing the calendar, print onto 8.5 x 11 white cardstock and keep it in a handy place that you can refer to throughout the year.

Finding the energy to organize can feel daunting, and sometimes you just need that extra encouragement. Once you have your organizing calendar ready, follow these 6 tips for accomplishing your organization goals throughout the year.

1. Split Up Your To-Do’s by Season

Printable Calendar for 2017 to Stay Organized

Each month or season can bring different obligations and organization challenges. Brainstorm your organization goals and then arrange them into your calendar based on the time of year. For example, you can plan to start preparing your relevant tax papers in February, or you can schedule to sort through your summer clothes once fall starts in September. Spreading everything out over 12 months will also make things seem more manageable.

2. Enlist Family Members for Help When You Can

If one of your organization goals for the year is to clean out the garage, try to involve your spouse or kids to help you decide what to do with the clutter. Organizing together can certainly speed up the process, but it also gives you the motivation to finish. You can even set up some sort of reward system to encourage your little ones to chip in. It might come in handy when you want them to organize their toy collections!

3. Plan Ahead and Prepare for a Possible Mess

Sometimes things have to get messier before they get more organized. But there can be a method to your madness. Before organizing your closet, designate areas where you can make keep, junk, and donate piless to keep your mess as tidy as possible. Another idea is to have storage bins ready for when you start pulling everything out. When you are halfway through your organizing project, you will appreciate that you can easily move your piles or bins for quick clean up at any time.

4. Divide Tasks into Increments

To help you tackle your organizing goals with energy, try breaking your tasks up into increments. Whether you decide to split them up by time (work for an hour, rest for 15 min, etc.) or you set small goals throughout the process of your task, organizing becomes easier when you create realistic stopping points for yourself. Sometimes all you need is to get started, and then the flow will fall into place.

5. Switch Things Up to Avoid Burn Out

Printable Calendar 2017, Home Organization

Another way to divide tasks up is to work on two projects at once and switch off whenever you’re feeling drained by the other. Switching off will help you stay more engaged in your organization projects, which will make it more likely to accomplish the goals you have set.

6. Set Up a Reward System for Yourself

Treat yourself after a hard day’s work! This is definitely an important way to sustain your focus on organizing your living space throughout the year. Before starting each project, think about how you will reward yourself once you are finished. It can be a series of small rewards or something big you’re wanting to indulge in. It will give you the motivation to see the project through.

Happy Organizing! Don’t forget to download our printable calendar. For tons of fun DIY project ideas and tutorials to indulge in your creative side this year, visit our friends at LiaGriffith.com.

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