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Whether you share a bathroom or live on your own, get your cluttered bathroom more organized with these tips.


Tired of stressful mornings? Declutter your bathroom!

How to Organize Your Bathroom

Now that the holidays are behind us and we are into a new year, it’s time to start some new routines, or at least improve the old ones. For many homeowners, the morning ritual of getting ready can be a challenge. Whether you are spending too much time looking for toiletries, or maybe you are sharing a bathroom with your spouse, children, or roommates and everyone’s stuff is everywhere. This year let’s get your cluttered bathroom organized so you can get out of the house on time and also help keep the peace among your roommates!

Out with the old bathroom toiletries and styling appliances:

Do you still have that old hairdryer under the sink that doesn’t work? Have the kids outgrown the bath toys that are cluttering the sides of the bathtub? Like any other part of your home, the bathroom starts feeling too small because we need to purge the old in order to make room for the new. Take a trashcan and thoroughly go through your medicine cabinets, drawers, vanity cabinet and other bathroom storage areas, and remove outdated, broken, and underused items. The general rule: if you haven’t used it for the past three months, it probably can be tossed away. For emergency or once-in-awhile type items – such as first-aid supplies – create a small basket for just these items and throw away old and outdated supplies.

Give your cabinets and shelving a thorough cleaning:

Now that you have decluttered and removed old items it’s time for a thorough cleaning of the cabinetry and medicine cabinet shelving. A mild dish detergent in water with a cloth or just an all-purpose spray will help to get up dust, spilled toiletry stains and more. If you like to use shelving paper this is a good time to install fresh paper. Shelving paper will help you clean out these areas in the future and is easier to remove stains from than wood or laminate shelves. I like using bright colors or geometric patterned shelving paper inside my drawers as it gives them an extra surprise when you open them, and it’s easier to find loose bobby pins on a colored background!

Take a trip to your local container or organization store:

Over the years, container and organization stores have been making it easier for homeowners to get organized in every room of their house. The bathroom organizers and storage components that are out can help you get more vertical storage beneath your sink with pullout drawers. Small trays that are used in kitchen utensil drawers are great for holding multiple nail polishes, organizing makeup brushes and accessories and even kids’ hair clips. Before you set off to the store, make sure you measure how wide your cabinets are inside, as well as your drawers. This will help you decide on the right accessories and storage solutions while you’re at the store. I like to snap a few shots on my cell phone to look at once I’m in the organization aisle.

Organize for your lifestyle and for your family schedule:

While it’s great to mimic a bathroom from your favorite interior design bath magazine, remember you and your family have to still live and be productive in this bathroom. If you have a sitting area in your bathroom to put on makeup it might not be functional to put a big fluffy chair there when your toddlers need step stools to see in the mirror. Organization is important, but it needs to blend in with how you use your bathroom. Consider separate shower caddies for teenagers and kids to put their daily toiletries in and store underneath the sink. Consider installing hooks behind your bathroom door for small styling aids such as corded curling irons, hair dryers, or just a place to keep bathrobes off the floor. Look for hidden storage areas above your bathroom door through the use of shelving to hold spare toilet paper and extra rolled up towels.

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This new year, make your bathroom a pleasure to enter each morning rather than a dreaded one. With these helpful tips to purge the old, clean and install new bathroom storage solutions, and organize around your lifestyle, you will see how easy it is for everything to have its place and for you to get out of the house on time. Once you’ve done these steps in one bathroom, take on the others in your home.

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