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Transform your hobby room from a junk room into a fun reflection of your unique style with these tips.


Anyone with a serious hobby knows the importance of a hobby room. It doesn’t take long for even the most organized person to bring his or her hobby into a living space, and then piles of clutter begin to form. To avoid the clutter that can sometimes come with a hobby, and to make sure you have all the supplies you need, consider spicing up a hobby room. This isn’t just a space to house your belongings, though. Your hobby room should be a fun reflection of your unique style.

Match Your Personality

Your hobby room should reflect your interests, so this is one room in your house where you can splurge on decor that shows who you are. “Paint the walls your favorite color; adorn them with photos you have taken or pages you have designed,” recommends contractor Rosie Romero. When someone walks into your space, it should shout ‘creativity.’”

Highlighting your personality in a hobby room isn’t just limited to painting and decor. Consider lighting to help set the mood in your workspace. To have the proper amount of light, you’ll need a light fixture on your ceiling in addition to lamps to use at workstations.

When it comes to flooring, you want a surface that is fun yet easy to maintain. “Small threads and paper snips can settle in grout lines in tile flooring and dropped pins may scratch wood floors,” according to Design Basics. If the room you have is a designated hobby room, vinyl flooring is a great option. If you share your hobby room with another living space, consider low-pile carpet.

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Make it Functional

When organizers work in a space, they try to create a work triangle. This is the area containing the tools and supplies that you need the most; you should keep those items in easy-to-reach locations. Once you have your work triangle designated, look through your self-storage unit for supplies you can use to make it functional. “Pegboards on the wall can keep tools within easy reach. Pluck glass jars from your recycling bin and use them to store small items like buttons, nuts and bolts, etc. If you’ll be generating a lot of dust, consider using enclosed storage, like cabinets, to keep supplies clean,” recommends Tom Kraeutler.

When you’re looking to add function to a hobby room, make the most out of your closet. “Trick out the closet with lots of smart fabric and crafts storage, and take advantage of open shelving elsewhere in the room to display pretty supplies,” recommends Better Homes and Gardens. To make the most of your closet function, remove the closet doors and instead use panels of bright fabric with fun patterns. “The panels visually soften the cabinetry and can be drawn to keep closet contents out of visitors’ view.”

Add the Finishing Touches

Your personality is there. Your room is functional. Now it’s time to add the small details that really make your hobby room shine. You don’t need cookie-cutter organizational supplies, though. Consider taking items that you love and repurposing them as storage solutions. “Use a spice rack to store different-color embellishments or a dresser-drawer jewelry organizer for beads or buttons,” writes Romero. “Convert a tool box with compartments for nails and drill bits into a carrying case for brads and eyelets.”

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Your final punch of personality in your hobby room: entertainment. Add a stereo and/or a TV for entertainment while you’re working in your space.

Your hobby room is the space where you can be as creative as you want to be. Pull those items you love out of your self-storage unit and finally put them to use in your hobby room. With a little out-of-the-box thinking and some uninhibited decorating, you’ll have a room that reflects your personality and helps your hobby become even more enjoyable.

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