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If you don’t have the time for a complete car wash, follow these steps for a clean and organized car interior in 10 minutes or less.


Your vehicle is your home away from home. When you’re out and about, you want your car to have the same organization and feel as your house. The best way to make that happen is to take 10 minutes and bring some organization to your car interior.

Organize the Front Seat

When you’re working at your desk, you have access to all the supplies you need. Your computer, your pen and paper, your scissors, and your erasers – everything is accessible. To make your vehicle seem organized, you need to bring that same sense of organization to your front seat. If it’s a supply you need, make sure you have easy access to it. Start by cleaning out the glove compartment so you can easily access your paperwork. “Since this is a small space, I’ve found it is best to keep only what you really need in there, or you’ll never find what you need, when you need it,” recommends Home Storage Solutions 101. Once you clean it out, your glove compartment should contain the following:

  • car registration,
  • proof of insurance,
  • vehicle owner’s manual,
  • cell phone charger, and a
  • garage door opener.

You also need access to your sunglasses, pen and paper, and your cell phone. Consider making room for these items in your vehicle’s center console, or you can purchase a car visor organizer that would allow you to store these items within reach.

Organize the Back Seat

When it comes to organizing, picking up the trash can make the biggest difference. “Keep a travel-sized waste can in your car so the entire family has a place to easily deposit wrappers, napkins and other trash items,” writes The Container Store. “Each time you stop to fill up with gas, simply empty the can of trash in the station’s receptacles.”

Your vehicle’s back seat can also gain organizational structure when you have the right tools. “Back of the seat organizers, or an organizer that sits on the seat with your kids (and has the bonus advantage of separating their space so they aren’t touching) can be a life saver. You can hold a snack, drink (something non-staining, like water preferably), some toys, wet wipes, and even diapers there,” according to Home Storage Solutions 101. “Even if you don’t have kids, these back of the seat organizers can be wonderful, to hold stuff you often use, like tissues, maps, etc.”

how to organize your car

Organize the Trunk

Bringing order to the trunk of your vehicle puts the finishing touch on your automobile makeover. Check your local home improvement store, or you can look in your garage or self-storage unit for a heavy-duty vinyl container that will fit in your trunk. Use this container as a place to store those items that tend to roll around and get stuck underneath the seats. “Stock it with paper towels, a first-aid kit, auto fire extinguisher, duct tape, flat-repair kit, bungee cords, and a bag filled with flares, jumper cables, and other necessities,” recommends the team at “Also consider packing a messenger bag with bottled water, granola bars, a blanket, and warm clothing, in case of a breakdown.

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You might have some items in your self-storage unit right now that would help bring organization to your vehicle. Go ahead and pull those items out of storage and put them to good use in your vehicle. Whether you choose specialty organizational tools or you opt for a more minimal approach, spending time organizing your vehicle is time well spent.

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