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Want a clear road map to accomplishing your goals for 2017? Check out this New Year’s Resolution Printable and read some ideas on how you can better focus your year.

Free New Year's Resolution Printable for 2017

This year has flown by and now it’s time to start putting into action all those New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. How would you like to improve? Where would you like to travel? Are there certain books you want to read? Studies have shown that when we write things down, we are more likely to accomplish them. Even small goals have the power to make us feel fulfilled.

What are some small goals you can set for yourself? Taking the steps instead of the elevator may motivate you to start exercising more. Before you download our New Year’s Resolution printable below, take some time to process the goals you wanted to achieve last year. Here are a few ways you can fine tune your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 and create a life that you’ll feel satisfied with by this time next year.

1. Balance is Key

Many people make the mistake of biting off more than they can chew. The goals that we maintain are usually the one’s we can make a part of our everyday routines. If your goal is to lose weight, start by losing 5 pounds then celebrate. Lose another 5, then celebrate again. Celebrating your small victories creates positive momentum that pushes you to your goal.

When we act in extremes, the possibility for burnout becomes infinitely greater. It can be difficult to make drastic changes, so take it slow and build as you go along. Whether you want to travel internationally or reach out to family members more often, make your New Year’s goals realistic and meaningful.

2. Celebrate Small Victories

When we help others, we help ourselves. Do you know someone in need? Could you volunteer at your children’s school or for a local charity? Could you babysit for a couple who has small children? There are so many ways to give back that don’t involve money.

When I first had my daughter and son, I would’ve given anything for someone to bring over dinner or offer to babysit. I know that New Year’s Resolutions are usually about what we want for ourselves but giving back makes life so much fuller. Whether you choose to be a mentor, volunteer or help someone financially — giving back connects us to each other and makes us more understanding and compassionate towards another.

3. Learn Something New

Next year I’m going to take an online class for flower arranging. Am I going to open a florist shop? Most likely not, but I love flowers and I want to learn something new. A great way to keep yourself from feeling like life is monotonous is to take classes on things you like. Learn to code, cook, paint or play tennis. Tackle a DIY project you never thought you could accomplish. When I was young girl, I collected coins from different countries and I remember how I was continually fascinated by adding coins to my collection. That constant state of awe and amazement is the building blocks that a life well lived is made of.

As we get older and become consumed by life’s routines and responsibilities, we can sometimes forget what it’s like to learn something new. It’s a truly refreshing experience. Think about the things that bring you joy and find a way to make them apart of your life.

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4. Begin

A novel is written one page at a time and a marathon is ran one step at a time. We overwhelm ourselves by looking at the whole, instead of breaking our goals down into actionable steps. Beginning alleviates anticipatory anxiety and opens the doors to possibility. Look at all the people who’ve done it before you. You’re just as capable as they are, so begin already! Many times the people who don’t have it all figured out and try anyway end up farther along than their more talented counterparts. When you don’t fear failure, life is inevitably more exciting, and you end up accomplishing more.

5. Drink More Water

We hear this all the time for good reason. Drinking more water helps our bodies in ways that we can’t count. Dehydration is the culprit behind many of our common everyday ailments like fatigue and headaches. That fatigue may prevent us from beginning new projects and tackling new ideas. Water keeps our body balanced and promotes clear skin. Adding lemons, strawberries or cucumbers to water gives it a hint of flavor and a small boost of nutrients. Buy a pretty glass pitcher and add your favorite fruits to make you more likely to grab it instead of soda or juice.

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A new year is tangible proof that how we spend our time matters. We have to set goals for ourselves that will improve our quality of life and help others. This year, be sure to write down ideas on how you most want to spend our time. We’ve created a chic New Year’s Resolution Printable that will allow you to write out all the ways you want to bring value to yourself and the world around you. Keep it on your desk at work to remind yourself of the goals you’ve set. When we are mindful of our intentions, beautiful things can happen. Happy New Year!

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