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Learn how to turn your kitchen counters from a catchall to an organized and function space.

Organize Kitchen Countertops

My family and I recently moved down to sunny Delray Beach, Florida. Back in 2010, we took a trip to Orlando and really just fell in love with the feel and environment of the state. From that point on, all our daydreams were about living down in Florida near the beach. Fast forward six years later and the dream has become a reality. We live within a mile from the beach and all types of restaurants and quaint shops.

It’s been a whirlwind moving all our belongings down here and finding a charming place to stay. Since we owned our home for 7 years, we’ve opted to rent instead of buy. The apartment development where we live is situated on a lake complete with geese and long bridges that are great for taking strolls. I love to organize and also inject a bit of my personality as well.

When you have two little ones, organization is something that I have to implement to keep my sanity. The kitchen is the first thing people see when they walk into our home, so I wanted to make sure it looks bright, inviting and organized. Here’s a few tips that I’ve found help me to maintain tidy and attractive kitchen countertops.


1.Dish Rack

Organize Kitchen Countertops

I don’t have anything against dishwashers, but it can be a bit of a hassle to reach down and open the dishwasher to get the dishes out. Also, I want to make it easy for my young children to reach up and grab a cup to pour their own juice or get their own plates. I still like to wash dishes by hand because I know for certain that the dishes are completely clean, and I love the easy access.

If you have certain colors that you want to stand out, the dish rack can be unexpected way to punch up the color in your kitchen. I chose turquoise and peach because of the way these colors naturally compliment each other.

2. Clear Kitchen Canisters

Organize Kitchen Countertops

Keeping canisters on the countertop definitely helps me to keep organized in the kitchen. I have three with the ingredients that I use the most. For me, those ingredients are sugar, flour and pasta. Of course you can use as many canisters as you need. I like to use clear ones because I don’t have to do any guesswork when it comes to knowing what’s inside. Labels are also a great way to know what’s under the lid. These glass canisters perform double duty by not only keeping me organized but making the countertops look good.

3. Tiered Fruit Basket

Organize Kitchen Countertops

I love my tiered fruit basket because it provides a place to store my fruits right on the countertop and helps us all make better choices when it comes to snacking. When I go to the grocery store, I make sure to pick up everyone’s favorite fruit. My son Drew would rather eat apples than candy, so I definitely make sure I pick up some ripe red apples. I absolutely love oranges and lemons for flavoring my water. You also can’t deny how lovely a fruit basket looks in the kitchen. It allows you to be organized, add color and may even help you look a little slimmer in your jeans.

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4. Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Organize Kitchen Countertops

If you like to cook like me and don’t want to look everywhere for your spatula or spoon, a kitchen utensil organizer is a must! There are so many styles to choose from but I opted for a stainless steel set. I also saw some nice bamboo sets as well. When organizing, never miss an opportunity to introduce your own style or theme into the décor.

5. Utilizing a Tray for A Spice Rack

Organize Kitchen Countertops

Spice racks can get expensive and I’ve found a cute and inexpensive way to keep your most frequently used spices close by. A simple tray can store your teas, coffee and favorite spices. Some of my favorite spices are cinnamon, nutmeg, oregano and garlic. Lately I’ve really been into experimenting with cinnamon and nutmeg because I enjoy the fall season.

Organizing your kitchen countertops doesn’t have to be boring. One way to stay away from being bland is to choose a color scheme and pick organization accessories that have those colors or textures in them.

Decluttering your kitchen should also bring pieces of you and your family’s personalities into it. Make it make sense for your lifestyle. For instance, I buy plastic cups and plates for my children because they’re easier to clean and come in a variety of different colors. Buying expensive china wouldn’t make sense for our situation, but it would if your children are older and wouldn’t  break your glasses and plates.

This is an especially exciting time for our family with moving in and acclimating to our new environment and home. I hope you found some inspiration for organizing your own kitchen countertops!

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About the Author

Emerald Lavender

The everyday life of being a mother & wife has its ups and downs, but being home with my children enhanced my love for decorating (pink balloons) and cooking (lunch)! I'm also into beauty, fashion & TEDx talks! Guess that explains why I was a cheerleader & Junior Class Senator in college!

  • One of the biggest problems we have in our kitchen is all of the counter clutter. I absolutely hate it but every time I clean them off they just seem to magically get cluttered back up. I have to admit that the biggest problem with kitchen counter clutter are cooking utensils (I have to have a utensil for everything; a chili spoon, a gumbo spoon, etc) and fruits and veggies that are counter stored instead of fridge stored. I think I need to get one of those tiered fruit baskets to start with!

  • I’m in love with these tips! I’m always looking for ways to declutter and free up space. One thing I’ve wanted for a while are those clean canisters. I love how they make your kitchen look!

  • Theresa

    I love the tip on using clear containers. They make everything so much more organized, not to mention prettier on the counter. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  • TravelingWellForLess

    Love these simple and easy ideas. I totally need to get declutter my kitchen countertops. Okay, if I’m really being honest, I need to just declutter my whole house. I love clear canisters too. Because you can see exactly what’s inside and how much you have of everything.

  • Eileen

    I use a lot of those clear canisters in my kitchen too. I label them to make it easier for me to know which is which. I also have my kitchen utensils hanging on a hooks near the stove. I love your suggestion of a tiered fruit tray. Saves a lot on space and looks pretty on the counter too.

    • Emerald

      I love the idea of hanging utensils near the stove Eileen!

  • Gwen Mulholland

    These are great tips and I like the tiered fruit basket. I started using a banana tree because it made the counters look better than them just on the counter. I also like a clean kitchen countertop and need to work on decluttering some more.

  • Kristy

    I love these ideas! Clutter on my countertops drives me crazy! I can’t focus on what I’m in there for when I have so much other stuff in the way. I love that tiered fruit basket!

    • Emerald

      It’s cute right?! And you can fill it with all types of colorful fruit. 🙂

  • How awesome that you’re living your dream!

    I’ve lived abroad for over 6 years and I find it interesting to see how my perspective has changed. Living in center of an old european city, most apartments have tiny kitchens with very limited counter space. I’d trade a stepchild for enough counter space to have a dish rack, canisters, or utensil holder… lol!

    • Emerald

      That is soooo cool! My husband and I lived in Northern Japan for 3 years and I taught English As A Second Language at a local Japanese school. I definitely believe that living abroad changes your perspective of life in general and I encourage everyone I meet to try it at least once. You’d trade a stepchild? hahahahaha! Love that! The living space was also very limited in Japan, so I feel your pain 100%!

  • Jasmine Anderson

    Love that you stored the pasta in jars! Gives the kitchen restaurant looking touch and it frees up room in the pantry for cans and such. I have a few empty jars that I know would be perfect to store pasta, going to give it a try!

  • Kate Hamernik

    I really love the two tiered fruit basket. We have three kids and our one fruit bowl is always overflowing the first couple days back from the store. I think a cute tiered bowl would work so much better. Thank you for your tips – I wish our kitchen was as cute and organized as this one!

  • Han-‘Naeh

    I am thinking of moving into a studio apartment soon so these tips are excellent! Thank you for sharing Emerald!

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