The return to school in 2020 will be hectic for students as they navigate new norms: mask wearing, social distancing, and everything in between. One way families’ can ease the transition is by getting organized at home. Here’s how.

how to get organized for school at home

Students’ return to school this year will be especially hectic for most after the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. By now you’ve likely stocked up on and organized the school supplies. Next comes the hard part: easing back into the school routine. This will be especially difficult if you finished out the 2019 school year from home. One way to ease the transition is to get your home in order. But how to get organized for school is the question!

Check out these easy ways to organize your home to maintain what little control you can of the hectic days ahead.

Organize your kids’ schedules on one shared calendar.

shared family calendar on white board

With many schools attempting a hybrid of virtual and on-site learning this year, keeping track of family members’ comings and goings poses a new challenge. A home designed around the school schedule is essential.

Make a folder or pin-up a schedule on the family bulletin board where the entire family can see everyone’s schedules. A dry-erase board or chalkboard works great for families that need to be flexible and switch out activities regularly.

For virtual learning, a family calendar like this will be especially handy. You can use it to coordinate the use of shared family computers and workspaces on top of class schedules.

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Organize your home according to your family calendar.

In the upcoming weeks, start to make a mental note of the routines your family has. What will it take to leave for school on time? What about your evenings is a little chaotic? Mudrooms, playrooms, and any closets or seating areas where kids leave their backpacks, coats, boots, and shoes should be organized and easy to get to. If summer athletic and beach toys are cluttering the house, organize an area in a closet, garage, or utility room to free up space for upcoming school days.

Walk through the different areas of your home with your school-aged kids and teenagers. Explain how the organization systems will work for everyone. Once your entire family is on the same page, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your home more organized. The adults won’t feel the burden of having to pick up after the kids, too.

Create homework stations, complete with easy organization systems.

homework station desk with storage
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If you have the space, designate an area in your home for your kids to complete their homework. By keeping all school-related items in this space, keeping school stuff organized will be less of an uphill battle. And if your child will be studying from home, you have all the more reason to create a comfortable space for them to do their work!

Since organizing the home isn’t just a job for parents, what better way to get kids involved than by giving them a say in how their homework station is organized? Instead of clear bins and plain baskets, how about finding colorful storage baskets with liners or have the kids create custom, DIY, painted-wood catch-all boxes for their belongings?

Many organization stores have color-coordinated hooks, shelving, bins, baskets, and even labels to creatively organize everyone’s school and play items. Not only will these make clean up time fun for the kids, but also they will keep siblings from fighting over who’s cleaned up and who hasn’t!

After school, follow a similar routine with your kids. Ensure homework areas are filled with organized desk and book amenities that allow for creative minds to store and organize their schoolwork and artwork. Try your local office supply store for desk organizers made especially for teenagers, college students, and school-aged children. Before school starts, let your children customize their desk area so they look forward to studying and hanging out in their spaces daily.

Organize for convenience.

If you regularly have a caregiver or babysitter look after your children, think of organization ideas that will help him or her. Snack foods organized in a certain area in the kitchen pantry, pet leashes and supplies near the garage door, and an electronic charging area for phones, tablets, and laptops on the foyer table can help get you out of the house on time.

When organizing, one size doesn’t always fit all. Prioritize what’s most important about your routine, and ensure your routine is enhanced by great organization. If you have to have your morning coffee in hand while running out the door, a programmable coffee maker could be exactly what keeps you on schedule!

There’s something so sweet about a fresh start at the beginning of a school year! Organization solutions like bins, baskets, and off-site storage units can help keep the momentum going all year long. Assess your kids’ schedules and make it a priority to sit the family down and talk about getting organized.

We at Life Storage wish all your students a smooth transition back to school!


  • Originally published on August 5, 2013.
  • Updated on September 14, 2016.
  • Updated again on September 4, 2020.

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