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Completing craft projects and doing activities as a family is a great way to create lasting memories with your kids. Here’s how to keep the craft activities fun and the craft space organized for minimal clean up.


Enjoy Kid-Friendly Summer Crafting Fun without the Clutter


Summertime means extended vacations and plenty of downtime for most families. While summer is a great time to kick back and relax, it’s also important that you keep your kids engaged in a wide variety of activities. Staying active will help your kids make the transition back to school without fuss. Of course, completing craft projects and doing activities as a family is also a great way to create lasting memories with your kids. As with everything else, planning ahead is essential to getting the most out of your kids crafts.

Choosing Crafts and Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

Picking the right crafts and activities to complete with your kids is absolutely essential. When picking a project, remember to keep your child’s age and skill level in mind. Choose crafts that will help your children strengthen their current skills and learn new ones. You can start out with a simple project, such as painting rocks to decorate the garden or making an outdoor stepping-stone. Save an old vinyl tablecloth to put down while doing crafts with your kids.

It’s also important to pick crafts that meet the needs of your kids. Because many families head out on vacation over the summer, you might want to think about projects that will keep your kids busy for hours at a time. The lifestyle experts at Real Simple tell parents who are traveling with kids that “occasion-specific kits keep [kids] meltdown-free.”[1] Putting together coloring or game kits for the car is a great way to get your kids involved in the vacation-planning process while ensuring a smooth, tear-free car ride to your destination.

Staying Clean and Clutter-Free While Crafting

Kids Craft Room Organization Ideas

While crafting can be a great w
ay to kill time in the summer, many parents are reluctant to participate in arts and craft activities with their kids because they worry it will be too messy. If you have this concern, be sure to set boundaries with your children. Blogger and crafter Caroline Urdaneta follows a simple rule while crafting with her kids: “Everything has a place and everything in its place!”[2] Urdaneta advises parents to teach their kids good habits by encouraging them to clean and organize as they craft.

Encourage kids to put away supplies as soon as they are done using them. If you are completing projects with paints, glue, glitter and other messy items, try to break the project into definite steps. Clean-up will be much easier if all your kids complete the same step at the same time. Remember that it’s important to allow your kids to express themselves creatively. While you should promote good organizing and cleaning habits, be sure that your kids also feel free to get a little messy, especially with outdoor crafts.

Organizing Your Crafting Supplies

One of the biggest barriers to summer crafting fun can be your craft room or closet itself. If your craft supplies are cluttered, you likely don’t want to sort through them in order to complete projects. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your craft supplies, consider moving seasonal items into a convenient storage unit. You can also store bolts of fabric, butcher paper and other large items in a storage unit to free up space.

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As you sort through your craft supplies, remember to plan for the future. Organizing guru Heather Barnett tells crafters to remember that “your stash of supplies will likely grow, so make sure you have enough storage space to accommodate your growing collection.”[3] Keep a shelf or drawer free for new craft supplies so that your home crafting area can stay clutter free.

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