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Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room is taking a look back at her best organization and housekeeping tips that will show you how to eliminate clutter once and for all.

Eliminate Clutter

Every few months, it’s time to get our home back into order for the next season. It’s easy to spend the summer outside or head off on vacation and ignore the house when the weather is nice, isn’t it? That’s what summers are for! But as the weather changes once again, we’ll be spending more and more time inside.

The change of seasons turns us back to our regular life schedule and with that change comes the need for more order and organization. If our house is tidy and attractive, we’ll feel more prepared to keep up with activities and the holidays ahead.

Decluttering and simplifying isn’t just about taking stuff to the donation center, it’s about changing the way you function in each part of your home. Redesigning your space and setting up simple organizational systems can make your home a more peaceful place to be.

We’re taking a look back at some of my favorite decluttering tips. Get inspired and motivated with these simple ways to eliminate clutter and chaos as you transform your home into your haven.

Declutter in 4 Weeks!

Check out this manageable four week plan to help you jump start decluttering and organizing your home any time of the year. Baby steps can help keep you focused!

Tips for a More Spacious Living Room

Does your living room feel cramped and too crowded? Or does your small living room need a makeover to make it feel more peaceful? Make your small living room feel more spacious and less cluttered with these helpful tips.

Letting Go of Things You Love

Sometimes even after decluttering everything you didn’t need, you end up with a house that is still too full. Here’s how to continue the process by decluttering things you love.

Ways to Get the Family Organized Before Fall

Are you ready to get your family and kids organized for fall activities and schedules? Check out these helpful tips to get you started.

Having Less Will Make You Happier

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter and need a pep talk? We all do sometimes. Check out three motivating ways having less will result in more happiness so you can remember that the end goal isn’t less things, but more joy.

Make Your House Feel Less Cluttered

There are many ways to make your home feel less cluttered and they don’t all involve taking your stuff to a donation center. Try any of these easy tricks to a less cluttered-looking home to transform your space.

Steps to a Simplified Home

Instead of just dreaming about a perfectly clean and organized house, what we really need to do is simplify. Take action and follow these 5 steps to create a more simplified home.

The Perfect Bedroom Makeover

Does your bedroom feel like your sanctuary? This easy to follow plan will help you create the perfect bedroom makeover this fall.

What are your home decluttering and organizing goals for this fall? Let me know in the comments below.

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About the Author

Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels is the author and creator of one of the top home decorating blogs on the web, The Inspired Room. She has been featured on such sites and publications as, Apartment Therapy, and Ladies Home Journal.

  • Carol

    I have been picking up the clear storage drawers at garage sales for around .50 cents and organizing my ribbons, votive cups and candles, birds, picture supplies and they are covered so no dust can get on it and I have a room that is dedicated to these supplies. I also have purchased pot lid holders and stand up my holiday plates and wine boxes to store my holiday goblets (the are free at trader joes and some beverage stores,) Less chips and can be seen easily.

    My home is kept simple with colors I like and I receive so many compliments on how I decorate by guys. Mary Crowley said our home should be a place of refuge.

  • disqus_IYZYsjhpMW

    I retired and set in to declutter. I got rid of six bags… Large bags….of junk just in my bathroom . I can’t begin to describe the feeling.

    • Congratulations on your retirement! We’re sure it was liberating hauling those bags out of your home. Good luck with the rest of your decluttering journey, and thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  • Jill

    Do you have any suggestions for a family with cat furniture such as scratching posts in a small house? Thanks

  • Teresa McArdle

    Somewhere along the way I lost me. My goal is a whole new me/makeover. I get inspired by this article and makeover/decorating shows and prayers. Lots and lots. Thank you.

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