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The File Holder: Home Storage Superhero


The age of printing papers to file away is coming to end. Well, maybe not entirely, but still—people aren’t racing to get their hands on a set of file holders so they can organize all of their files. But those little storage units are actually pretty easy to use just about anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. You can buy sturdy wooden, plastic or metal file holders or even make your own out of cereal boxes—and then you can transform them into the perfect storage solutions for tough to organize spots all over the house.

In the Bathroom

Even if you’re not one to keep reading material in the bathroom, magazine holders can come in handy in a few ways. They’re perfect for storing hair tools—your blow dryer, straightener or curling iron will fit perfectly. The holder can be mounted to a wall or to the inside of a cabinet drawer so that it doesn’t take up any counter space. File holders mounted to the wall also make a unique place to store rolled hand towels and washcloths.

In the Kitchen

The file holder is super versatile in the kitchen. It works in the pantry as a canned food organizer and in the cabinets to hold cutting boards, Tupperware lids, and other flat cooking and baking tools that are annoying and hard to get to when they aren’t stored upright. Mounted to the inside of a cabinet or pantry door, a file holder makes a perfect place for storing those long, thin boxes that hold wax paper, tin foil, and sandwich bags. They eliminate the inconvenience of trying to store those boxes in places that just aren’t the right size for them.

In the Living Room and Bedroom

You can really be creative with your file holders in the living room and bedroom, decorating them and positioning them out in the open however you like. Mounting a wooden file holder on its side to the wall makes the perfect shelf—with storage included—for a small space. It can hold your keys, a small lamp and a note pad, or it can serve as the perfect place to set your charging phone and tablet down. Bonus: this corner shelf works wonderfully as a place for top-bunk sleepers to put their books or tablets down before they fall asleep. Attach two or three sturdy file holders on their sides to an old stool and you have a totally unique side table with storage built in. Don’t forget you can paint, stain, or decorate these to make them truly your own.


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