This spring, instead of piling seasonal clothing on top of your winter wear, follow these tips to clean and organize your closet so you can find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Spring Clean Your Closet

How to Effectively Spring Clean Your Bedroom Closets

This spring, instead of piling your new seasonal clothing on top of the winter wear, why not clean it out so you can find what you need quickly and efficiently? For many of us, the warmer weather means ditching the heavy coats and outerwear for lighter clothing, but quite often our closets take on too many clothes at one time. This leads to overly cluttered closets and equates to you spending more time deciding what to wear every morning. This spring, purge what you aren’t going to wear, clean out the winter clutter, and enjoy a refreshed and renewed bedroom closet.

Purge winter wear and make room for spring clothing.

Where you live will determine what type of winter clothing can be boxed up and stored in under-bed storage or upper shelves of your wardrobe closets. Take a few hours over the weekend to determine what heavy coats, boots, and outerwear can be put away until fall or winter returns and what can be moved to another closet. Often the basement, attic, utility room or even hallway coat closet may be a better place to house your heavy outerwear garments. This will allow space for your spring clothing and may help you get out of the house quicker in the morning.

Remove old hangers and consider more efficient clothing organizers.

If you have a closet that has old wire hangers from the cleaners or plastic hangers that are bent and are misshaping your clothes, spring is the perfect time to get rid of them. Wood hangers and padded hangers for softer blouses and knits are ideal for your clothes. Your clothes will last longer if you store them with care and hangers can make a big difference. If space still seems like an issue, consider hiring a closet organizer to assess your closet area. Your master, guest and kids’ bedrooms could benefit from closet organization. Shelves, hanging rods at different heights, drawers, and hanging hooks could increase your closet’s capacity to hold more clothing and display it efficiently so you can see what you own.

Helping kids purge their bedroom closets.

Children wear out of clothing quickly, either by growing or just by keeping up their active lifestyle. Whichever is the case, their closets can be a challenge to keep up with. The easiest way to purge their bedroom closets is with the changing of the seasons. So four times a year, go through their closets and have them try on clothes that look like they may be able to be donated or thrown away if in bad condition. As kids become older, teach them how to organize their closet by what type of clothes are for what season, activity, etc. This will help them learn how to sort and store clothes and may help you too.

Clean out your closets section by section.

For many homeowners, their bedroom closets can be a daunting task, so instead of tackling the entire thing at once, clean it out section by section. Start off with the highest shelves and work your way down. Remove folded up bedding, boxes, and large items from upper shelves, and dust off and clean with household cleaner. If you have wood shelves, dusting with a light cloth should be sufficient. Replace items and work your way down until you get to the floor. Vacuum, sweep, and remove debris and dirt from your floors and replace shoes and other items. This will ensure your entire closet is clean from ceiling to floor.

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This spring, do not be afraid to clean your bedroom closets. Clean them in sections and purge as you go. Determine what seasonal clothing can be stored in other areas of your home or given away. Consider closet organizers if you lack space and remember to help your kids do the same in their closets. Believe it or not, your closets are as essential as the rooms you live in every day. Try these ideas to get your closets clean and organized and to enjoy more time outdoors in the spring air.

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