Whether you have a dedicated craft room or not, here are some solutions to help you get more organized.


If your craft supplies seem to be ending up in the laundry room, your kids’ room and underneath the couch, it’s time to get your craft materials organized once and for all! Whether you have a dedicated room for your scrapbooking, sewing and knitting, or you like to section off a corner of your home office just for crafting, here are a few creative tips to help you get organized and put more effort into crafting and less time trying to find your materials. After all, your creative spirit won’t hit you if you have to hunt down supplies all over your house!


Find a dedicated part of your home just for crafts.


While this may seem like an obvious first step, for many crafters, the sofa, the dining room table and the corner of a child’s desk may have turned into an interim craft area. Unfortunately, when you don’t have a dedicated section of your home for your hobbies, the entire home becomes fair game for supplies and disorganization. Just like you might advise your kids to do their homework at their desks, the same is true for where you should do your crafting.

If you have a spare guest room, consider sectioning off a wall just for your crafts. If you live in a smaller home, dedicate an assigned folding table in your home office to craft supplies, or remove a bifold door on an underutilized closet and turn the closet into a crafting area.

Create an organizational system according to the type of crafts you love.


Getting organized is similar to choosing the best tools you need to paint a room or the best kitchen utensils you need to bake a cake. Decide your craft and then pick the best organization system for that craft.

If you use yarn, thread, and sewing or knitting supplies more often than cardstock and a large die cut machine, then small and medium pullout drawers may best suit your craft area. If you need to organize beads, buttons and small scrapbooking supplies, then small magnetic containers with see-through lids that can be placed on a vertical, magnetized wallboard could help you better.

Measure how much space you have in your area to determine if wall space, counter space, closet space or a mixture of all these will help make your craft area the most productive. A knitter may only need a comfy chair and a basket to carry supplies in while a scrapbooking guru will need table space and plenty of areas to reach for supplies.

Organize your different project areas.

How to Organize Your Craft Room

If you are a creative person, you probably have more than one type of craft or more than one project going at a time. If this sounds like you, a good organization strategy probably seems vital. That’s okay, though; it just means you have to focus your creativity on determining how you can keep simultaneous projects and crafts going at once while still staying organized.

Look to storage containers with dividers, cabinets that have multiple drawers and armoires with separate organizational spaces. Visit your local craft store and container store for multifunctional organizers. But keep in mind that you can sometimes find similar items in all-purpose stores also.

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Kitchen utensil trays are usually cheaper than a craft desk drawer organizer and may help you organize your items better! Fishing tackle boxes may not look as pretty as a crafter’s box, but they can help you separate small supplies and they’re portable, so you can pick up and go to your crafters’ class when the time comes. Sometimes sporting goods and office supply stores have excellent storage ideas that will be great in your craft room.

Once you’ve gotten your craft area organized, you can add personal touches to make it your own. Spray paint a wall pegboard in coordinating colors to your walls and look for furniture that can bring out your creative spirit as you work. Find see-through, stackable bins to let your colorful markers, pencils and craft products bring color to your space naturally. Chalkboard paint and personalized tags on drawers and storage items can help you find what you need quickly and without losing a stitch!

This season, use these handy tips to bring organization to your crafting so you can spend more time doing what you love!

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