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The car is a funny place when it comes to organizing. We all have that friend who keeps their car in pristine shape, washing, waxing and vacuuming it every weekend. We also have that friend whose car is a mess of wrappers, soda cups and loose change…


The car is a funny place when it comes to organizing.  We all have that friend who keeps their car in pristine shape: washing, waxing and vacuuming it every weekend.  We also have that friend whose car is a mess of wrappers, soda cups and loose change.

We talk a lot about home organizing here, but today we want to help you keep your car organized.  With the right plan of attack, you can keep your car clean and tidy without investing your entire Saturday into the process.

Here are some of our favorite car organization ideas:

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For the parents out there, here’s a great solution to keeping your kids’ stuff organized on long or short trips.  The multiple pockets make it easy to store multiple items and free up space around the car.

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We can’t stress how useful this will be enough.  So many people go without any sort of garbage disposal system in the car.  Plenty of us just put wrappers on the floor and wait to clean it out later (I’ve done it).  Just put a garbage bag in a dry cereal container and you have a simple, handy car garbage can.

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When you travel with clothing, you need to keep it wrinkle free.  Keep a hanger extender around in case you need to hang one or more item at a time.

Paper Products

Keep paper towels, napkins or tissues in your center console.  If you hit a bump and spill your coffee or feel a road sneeze coming on, you’ll be thankful you did this.

Car Essentials: 

To keep your car organized, it’s also important to remember what is important to have on hand at all times.  Check out this list of car essentials:

  • -Notepad and pen (yes you have a Smartphone.  This still could be useful)
  • -Cell phone charger
  • -Owner’s manual
  • -Tire gauge
  • -Some spare change or a few dollars just in case.
  • -Jumper cables
  • -Spare tire and jack

Some of them seem obvious, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Everything else is, for the most part, unnecessary.

The Trunk

Keeping the essentials around and eliminating everything is a solid approach for the car and, more specifically, the trunk.  We all know the trunk can be a clutter trap.  Don’t let it get to that point.

If you’re beyond help when it comes to the trunk, has the cure:

That’s a start.  Feel free to share your car organizing ideas with us in the comments!

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  • jan

    Here we are stuck on the highways for as much as 2 hours. I had an elderly man that almost dehydrated. I have to keep water, food, paper towels, cups,a knife for cutting apples, some medication, some means of going to the bathroom. (not easy for women). I keep blankets for cover, a pillow etc. I keep big large plastic for ground etc. I count all this necessities. Plus I have your list.!

    • Those are all great suggestions Jan, thanks. Particularly the food. Thanks for checking it out!

      Also I have to ask, where do you live where your stuck on the highway that frequently?

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