Whether you have a large or small bathroom, there never seems to be enough space for storing all the necessities. Here are five simple and inexpensive bathroom storage ideas to help you maximize space and show off your style.

There never seems to be enough space for storing all your toiletries, especially if you have a small bathroom. Now that spring is blooming and spring cleaning is on all our minds, why not also consider optimizing your space with some organization and easy storage hacks?I recently took up the challenge and updated my own bathroom by changing a few decor items to fit my needs. Today I will share five simple and inexpensive storage ideas to help you maximize your own bathroom space.

As you might have noticed the stores have some cute storage solutions available this time of year.  It’s a great time to take advantage of the deals as well as update your home, including your bathroom. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to buy and sometimes you can find what you need around the home. Let me show you how I spruced up my bathroom with a few new storage ideas. I will show you how I incorporated a few key items – some of which may work for you, too!

Tip #1: Use the Space that You Have

Floating Shelves - Bathroom Storage Ideas

Big or small, a bathroom can be designed to fit your needs. If you do not have a lot of countertop space or a medicine cabinet, you can add a couple DIY floating shelves like I did. You can also add storage to your floor space by using a small utility cart, a farmhouse ladder or an old chair. A tiered tray is also a great tool for adding vertical storage on your countertop.

Decorating for springtime is also a fun opportunity to add elements of nature and some beautiful pops of color.  I restyled my bathroom with this cute new shower curtain and some faux plants and flowers to give the space a much brighter, spacious feel.

Tip #2: Use Jars, Dishes, Baskets and Stackable Storage Tools

I have always loved using jars to store all my little things and the bathroom is no exception. I used a large mason jar to store my bath salts, as well as a small painted mason jar to hold all my makeup brushes. They are inexpensive and beautiful storage alternatives.

Small plates and bowls from around the home also work great for holding jewelry and small items on the countertop. Bonus: they can be washed easily.

I also find stackable storage boxes and baskets as great ways to organize all the small things that would otherwise clutter the drawers and countertops. They come in an array of colors and sizes and mine used here come apart so I can use some of the boxes in other parts of the bathroom.

Tip #3: Redesign the Cabinet Space to Work for You

There are so many options when it comes to maximizing your storage space under the sink. I purchased this expandable under sink storage rack for under $25 and it easily added space I didn’t have before.

I also use baskets to contain items that would otherwise clutter the shelves, such as cleaning supplies, towels and curling irons.

Tip #4: Use the Top Drawer for All Your Everyday Needs

Top Drawer for Essentials - Silverware Organizer - Bathroom Storage Ideas

Easy access to all your everyday needs will make the morning routine so much easier. I used a kitchen utensil drawer organizer for my first drawer and organized it in a way that made sense for me – hair accessories, tooth care, lip essentials, etc.

I also took this opportunity to toss the items that I have not used in years. When in doubt, take a look at the expiration date on the item.

Each drawer varies in size, so I would suggest taking down some measurements before going shopping.

Tip #5: Organize Things As You Would Use Them

Makeup Drawer - Bathroom Storage Ideas

I continued to use baskets and storage solutions for each drawer as needed. I could easily play Tetris in the drawers if I wanted to because it is just too much fun to use various sizes.

The key to creating an easily accessible storage solution in your bathroom is to place like-items together so you can find all you need in one spot.  I organized my makeup to fit in one drawer. I also was able to organize my colorful and fun nail polish collection and nail care accessories in a drawer. Some may require more space for makeup or hair care. I recommend doing what works for you!

Nail Polish Organizer - Bathroom Storage Ideas

There are plenty of other places to sneak storage space in your bathroom, such as hanging items with a hook on the door, using a shower caddy to hold your shampoo and soap, and utilizing command strips to hang baskets on the cabinet doors. The possibilities are endless!

A bathroom should be your oasis. Taking the time to organize your things will allow you to enjoy your space that much more. Have fun organizing your own bathroom and feel free to share your storage ideas too with #LifeStorageDIY on Instagram. We would love to see them!

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