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Take advantage of vertical space by using the back of doors for organizing – here’s some tips!


The vertical spaces in our homes and offices often go unused, but they are great for organizing and storing a variety of belongings. In particular, making use of the backs of doors is a helpful way to keep items off the floors and readily available. If you find your cabinets are crowded and your shelves full, don’t keep adding more storage furniture to your home. Instead, consider using the backs of various doors—“front door, back door, cabinet door, bathroom door, bedroom door,” says Becky from Organizing Made Fun—to give you that much-needed extra space and help keep your home clutter free!

In the Bedroom

Most people already know they can hang a shoe organizer over the door to free up closet space, but there’s a lot more you can do with your bedroom door. Overstock sells an over-the-door media holder to store CDs, DVDs, and similar items so you can protect your music and movies. Or hang this mirrored jewelry cabinet from Amazon over your door to hold all your precious gems and give you a quick way to see how they look on you, too.

Becky from Organizing Made Fun recommends using adhesive hooks on a closet door to organize lightweight items such as necklaces, scarves and empty purses. If you’re a student, a magazine organizer is great for storing folders, binders, booklets and other school supplies in a place you can get to easily and quickly.

In the Kitchen

Real Simple says, “Stash pantry items in the see-through pockets of an over-the-door organizer to virtually eliminate search time.” Mount a piece of sheet metal to the back of a kitchen cabinet, affix magnets to jars and use those to store spices conveniently. Hang a towel on a towel bar over the front of the cabinet below your sink for a convenient place to dry your hands after washing dishes.

Tools hanging in the garage

In the Utility Room

Use a vertical storage rack to hold all your gift-wrapping needs, from rolls of paper to gift bags to ribbon. The same type of rack can store cleaning products, laundry detergent, towels and rags and other miscellaneous items that always seem to be taking over counters and cabinets. Tuck away your ironing board behind the door with an ironing board holder.

In the Bathroom

Hooks on the back of the door can hold extra towels or even a bathrobe for when you have guests. Over-the-door baskets are a stylish way to hold hair care products, extra rolls of toilet paper and other bathroom necessities.

In the Garage

Hooks and racks can hold gardening tools, dirty shoes or even those items you need to grab quickly as you leave the house, like an umbrella or a jacket.

According to Apartment Therapy, “an organized home is incredibly gratifying. It allows tasks to get done more smoothly, cleaning completed more quickly, and projects processed more enjoyably.” If this sounds wonderful to you, consider trying out some of the above ways to make use of the back of your doors. You’ll soon see how even small organization projects can make a big difference! And when even your vertical spaces are used up, you may want to rent a self-storage unit to help cut down on the household clutter, especially for those seasonal items that take up a lot of space but only get used during part of the year.

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