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With the help of Uncle Bob’s new eBook, The Decluttered Home, you can cut back on back-to-school stress and clutter—room by room. Here is a sample of what the eBook has to offer.


This month, many kids are heading back to school and family routines will be returning to a more regular rhythm. But with this time of year also comes more paperwork, homework, shoes, backpacks, coats, boots, hats, scarves and sports equipment to keep in order. The season can end up being a stressful time in a family, where lost shin guards and missing book reports can routinely cause unnecessary panic in the morning as you’re trying to get out the door on time.

Thankfully, with the help of Uncle Bob’s new eBook, The Decluttered Home, you can cut back on back-to-school stress and clutter—room by room. Here is a sample of what the eBook has to offer.

How can I organize my family to avoid chaos this autumn? 

1. Start at the door. 

Where does your family enter and leave your home? That is the best place to start organizing your busy family. Whether you use the front door or the back door, implementing a practical system for daily needs will be extremely helpful in cutting down on the clutter and stress that comes with a bustling lifestyle. If you can eliminate clutter at the door by creating a nearby place to store everything you need when you’re “on the go,” you’ll feel much more equipped to enjoy your fall activities.

2. Identify top offenders.

Make a list of the top five items that are either prone to getting lost or that create clutter at the door as you enter or leave the house. Do you tend to lose your keys? Bills? Homework? Do you trip over musical instruments and backpacks? With the top offenders list, you can begin to tackle the main issues and find an effective system to deal with each of them.

3. Create a drop zone.

What things do you set down as you enter or take with you when you leave? Designate a specific place, or “drop zone,” for each of those items. A tray can hold incoming mail and bills, hooks can hold keys and backpacks and a bin near the door can hold shoes and sports equipment. I find it helpful to have a basket by the door with things that need to go to the car with me on the next trip out, such as library books or items to return to the store.

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4. Post checklists.

Many times frantic or stressful mornings with kids can be eliminated by posting a few simple checklists for getting out the door on time. Post your children’s morning routine or responsibilities on a laminated card to help them stay focused. Instead of rushing your child along all morning from getting dressed and brushing teeth to making a lunch or packing a backpack, you can refer to the posted schedule as his/her morning guideline for what to do. As kids check off one task, they can immediately see what is next.

Similarly, a checklist can be placed near the door for after school tasks like what to do with homework, lunch boxes, coats, shoes and sports equipment to avoid clutter at the front door. Checklists and routines can also help prevent lost items such as permission slips or homework assignments.

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With a little thought and preparation for your family this fall, you will feel organized and ready to get out the door on time each morning with less stress!

If you need help with decluttering your home and getting organized, then you will love the full eBook by Uncle Bob’s Storage. With this comprehensive step-by-step guide to decluttering every room, you’ll be well on your way to an organized house. Whether you’re preparing your home for friends and family, or simply wish to spruce it up a bit, this eBook can help. And, the best thing is—it’s FREE! You can download your copy here.

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