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Winter’s coming, and no one likes a high electric bill. Here are a few cheap and simple techniques to lower your electric bill and keep your home warmer.


In the throes of winter no one likes a high electric bill.  We’ve all heard different tips for saving money on heating and lighting by now.  Sometimes, you get busy and just flat out forget to do the little things.

With that in mind, here are a few cheap and simple techniques to lower your electric bill and keep your home warmer:  

Cover patio doors and older windows:  Old or single pane windows tend to leak and let cold air into the home.  Same with doors and windows that aren’t sealed the right way.  Solution:  grab plastic window covers.  For $20 you can cover five windows and doorways.

Proper heat adjustments:  When you’re not home for awhile, turn the thermostat down or off.  Yes it’s nice to come home to a warm house, but it’s far more cost effective to just wait and turn the heat on when you get home.  There are also programmable thermostats available so you can time your adjustments accordingly.

However, keep this in mind: if you aren’t careful, programmable thermostats make boiler and radiant heat less efficient!  If your thermostat is dropping temperature by more than five degrees, your boiler has to work harder to restore the temperature, wiping out your savings.

Make you ceiling fan work for you:  This one is often underutilized.   As we know, the ceiling fan keeps the air circulating.  So when it’s winter, your ceiling fan will actually push warm air DOWN from the ceiling, thus giving you more heat.  Not bad huh?

Check your furnace filter:  This not only affects your electric bill, but your overall air quality and furnace efficiency.  Filters basically block dust, allergens, pet dander and other debris from getting into the furnace. The standard blue fiberglass filters need to be changed or else they become inefficient.  There are more expensive filters out there, such as the Filtrete filter that cost more, but perform better in the long term.

Insulate wall switches and outlets: Typically, there is little to no insulation behind the outlets in your walls.  Cold air can easily leak through there.  You can buy foam insulation to place behind the wall outlet or switch cover that will help seal in heat.

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