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Uncle Bob’s Self Storage Announces Selfie Storage in Select Markets


Selfie Storage

BUFFALO, NY — Uncle Bob’s Self Storage®, a self storage chain with over 500 locations across the United States, announced today that it will be launching a new product to its storage rental services.

The national self storage company will be testing a line of “selfie storage units” in select markets this summer. These specialized units will offer customers a dedicated space specifically for selfie photography and selfie storage. Each unit will come equipped with a mirror, selfie stick, ideal selfie lighting, and various backdrops and scenery. The customer can further enhance the space by adding additional lighting, filters, or props.

The company is anticipating plenty of demand from those who enjoy taking selfies and are seeking a flexible, new experience. However, market research indicates that the units will perform particularly well with people that suffer from Selfiephobia, the fear of taking selfies in public. Additionally, the company will offer free wifi access for live streaming to social networks like Snapchat, Vine, and Periscope.

Inspired by customers taking selfies with their cherished belongings, as well as increased storage of selfie props since the introduction of the selfie stick in 2013, the launch of the selfie storage unit was an easy decision for the company. “This strategic move will give us a strong edge in a highly competitive storage landscape,” Chief Operating Officer, Ed Killeen, remarks, “We live in a digital age, but the fact remains, people want to create their visual content within a safe and creative environment. Our selfie storage units will offer just that – a comfortable, yet professional environment for a fraction of the cost of a professional studio.”

The selfie storage unit will be marketed alongside the company’s premier wine storage and climate controlled storage units. Select markets have been chosen based on a number of factors including weather, population, and availability of scenery. “Cities like Chicago will love selfie storage. Space is at a premium, and no one likes to be the person holding up traffic by taking a selfie in the middle of a sidewalk,” Ryan DiMillo, Director of Digital Marketing, adds.

The company is confident the introduction of the selfie storage unit will bring new life to the selfie market. “Bathroom mirror selfies are overdone and unsanitary. You can get an updated version of this look in one of our selfie units without the germs or embarrassment,” said Digital Content Manager, Lauren Thomann.

Expect to find Uncle Bob’s Selfie Storage in Austin, Buffalo, Calabasas, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Miami, and Los Angeles starting summer 2016.

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