Tripsee travel app helps create a simple, organized, and convenient travel experience for all users. We put together a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through your next adventure.

How to Use the Tripsee Travel App

This summer, 66 percent of Americans plan to take at least one trip. Whether you’re heading on your honeymoon, traveling for a family vacation, or attending a business trip, experimenting with the vast menu of travel apps is no quick task.

To help keep you organized, plan your itinerary, and save you time, we put together a step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of our favorite travel tool: the TripSee travel app.

What is TripSee?

TripSee is a travel planning app designed to help organize users’ itineraries as well as help users find locations to visit when they travel. Available for free on an iPhone, iPad or Android, it works seamlessly across all major devices to keep your trip in sync. It even helps users pinpoint a variety of artistic, historic, cultural and culinary locations to visit.

The app was created by startup partners Bob Larmore and Raymond Martinez, and was driven by their desire to plan their travel adventures in a single format without having to search multiple websites or produce a detailed spreadsheet.

“We have received overwhelming support upon the launch of TripSee, and users love our clean, easy-to-use interface which makes travel planning easy,” said Martinez. “We have also received a lot of feedback that our app is helpful to those who like to meticulously plan their adventures.”

Why we love it: The developers have made TripSee an ad-free zone to eliminate distractions as it strives to be users’ one-stop trip data source.

Here are the key steps for navigating through TripSee:

1.  Create and edit trips.

First, click “New Trip” at the top of the main menu in the app, then enter a trip name, description, dates and opt-in to have location hints shown. Once you have created a trip, you can then click on “View Trip” to view an itinerary or map. Did you decide you’re going to extend your trip? Perhaps you’ll be making an extra stop on the way home? TripSee allows you the convenience to edit your trips, and the menu has tabs for viewing past, current, and upcoming trips.

All you have to do on the main menu is select “Edit Trip” and then enter your additional details, and you will have a growing, updated list of all of your trips.

2. Sync your itinerary.

You have the option to email your hotel and flight itinerary to the app so you can easily stay organized on one device for the remainder of your trip. Once you have your own list or itinerary, here’s what you need to do:

  • Forward your email itinerary to [email protected]
  • It will send to your TripSee profile. You can click on “View Trip” at the top left of the app’s main menu and the details will be visible, allowing you to add other locations or activities to your itinerary.
  • You can also sync your TripSee account to Facebook if you want to share details of your travels or schedule meetups with friends.

The app’s most recent feature allows users to book hotels within the app by finding any hotel on the Tripsee map.

4. Customize your plans.

Once your locations are set, you can organize your trip using the simple itinerary view. Within this viewing format, you can choose your lodging, dining, and attractions. Need to sync details with a travel partner? Share the trip details via Facebook or email.

  • Select “View Trips” and pick the trip to plan.
  • Click “View Itinerary” to begin customizing your itinerary.
  • Select “Add Custom Plan” at the bottom of the page to enter unique information based on your schedule and desired activities. Here you can add attractions, restaurant and entertainment options to add.
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5. Find recommendations on the map.

Another way to build your itinerary is through the “Map” function, which enables you to search for destinations and activities to add to your list. This function shows a bird’s-eye view of locations. This is especially helpful when your trip covers different cities, states, or countries. The TripSee travel app pulls a lot of its location information from big data sites like Yelp, Wiki, and Google so it stays as current as possible.

  • From the main menu, click on “Map”, then enter your destination (town, city, state, country or island) into the search bar. For example, if you enter New York City, the map zooms into the city, then you can search for nearby landmarks and restaurants.
  • A gray “Search This Area” feature will pop up.  Pinch to zoom in further to find other options in the vicinity.
  • Locations show up across the top of the screen. Click on the image and then the “Add to Trip” button in lower right corner. The location will be added to your itinerary based on the day you select.

6. Add fellow travelers.

This option added due to user feedback indicating the desire to add others to their trip profile. It provides the convenience of searching for other travelers by name or email. You can even partner with someone who is too far away to coordinate logistics for the same trip.

To add other travelers, click “View Trip,” select the appropriate entry and click on “Share Trip” at the bottom of the trip’s profile page. Then the option of inviting someone via Facebook or Email pops up. You can also search for other travelers you may know to add them to the itinerary.

What’s next for Tripsee travel app: Predictive trip planning

TripSee has an efficient way of aggregating all the key details of a trip. Moving forward, the developers are planning to make it even more predictive in matching activities and locations per the user’s travel history and preferences.

“The most appealing feature is our predictive trip planning algorithm,” said Martinez. “We are striving to be the of the travel world by using past indicators and specific questions. TripSee connects users who are planning for destinations and activities that they actually want to see and do.”

Soon, TripSee will launch social media sharing, personal profiles with basic interests to aid the predictive function, and a chat system to help share suggestions among friends and family. Martinez also noted the following new features from the most recent update:

  • Search nearby locations anywhere on the map
  • A list of popular cities to visit
  • Highlights of top points of interest in each city
  • Improved island search results
  • Faster image loading

This app offers great flexibility to update or change the details of your journey as needed. Seasoned travelers will love that they no longer need to fumble with a folder full of notes, receipts, and printed email confirmations.

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