The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Let's create your custom moving checklist

When it comes to moving, not everyone is in the same situation. We get that. You're probably dealing with enough clutter right now—you don't need a to-do list that's cluttered with stuff you don't actually need to do. Create your custom moving checklist with only the things that matter to your move.

Step 1

Step 1

Take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Your answers will help us create a checklist with items that actually matter to you.

Step 1

Step 2

After completing the quiz, you'll get your moving checklist. Use your custom checklist to help you at every stage of your move.

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Will you be hiring professional movers or moving yourself DIY-style?

Have you set a moving budget?

Do you own or rent the place that you currently live?

Will you be renting or buying your new home/appartment?

Will you need to ship a vehicle?

Are you moving with children?

Are you moving with pets?

Are you moving to a new community?

Do you need a storage unit?

Do you already have packing supplies?

Do you love, love, love checklists?

What's your first name?

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