Moving overseas is one of the most memorable adventures you will ever experience in your life. Do you have the courage to try?


Simply preparing to take a vacation outside of the United States can be a lot of work! Ever try getting a passport? Tedious.

Now imagine uprooting your entire life and moving to a new city in a different country, thousands of miles from home.

Choosing Your Own Adventure: Every Decision Counts

We’ve created a new choose your own adventure-style story based lovingly on the great books we enjoyed as children to help you think about some of the common issues you’ll deal with as you plan a move overseas.

Shipping vehicles and personal possessions, storing what can’t (or shouldn’t) be shipped in a self storage facility, deciding whether or not to join a top-secret spy ring – all problems common to international travelers and Choose Your Own Adventurists.

Let’s just say you better think twice about every crucial decision! You never want your precious belongings to end up missing, damaged or in the hands of a complete stranger. With smart choices and a good plan, moving overseas can be the best decision you ever make.

Mysterty Inheritance

A Memorable Adventure – for the Right Reasons, We Hope

Moving overseas is one of the most memorable adventures you will ever experience in your life – and it is also a monumental task that requires patience, planning and strict attention to detail.

When you place deeply personal items on massive vessels bound for foreign ports, search for storage space for your most valuable stuff and make the tough decision whether or not to sell big-ticket items like vehicles and furniture – all while planning a new life abroad – it can be easy to make some mistakes you’ll later regret.

Just the thought of these Herculean tasks scares off most of us – but some (maybe you?) embrace the adventure.

Tell us your moving overseas stories!

We’d love to hear about your experiences! Feel free to share your adventures (or misadventures) here in our Comments section or on Twitter – you can let us know @UncleBobStorage.


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