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So, you’ve moved in. Now what? Take a look at our checklist to help organize your new apartment and reduce stress in your life.


Congratulations on moving to your new apartment! Whether you are upsizing to a better area or downsizing to save money, be happy about your new abode. If you remember our last checklist “Preparing to Move Out of your Apartment: A Checklist,” you saw how hectic it can be to get to move-in day. Let’s make sure you get settled into your apartment home with ease, as adapting to a new place can be a challenge. Take a look at our suggestions below to set you on a path to an organized life with all the loose ends tied off for a fresh, new start.

Day after Moving In

It’s not unusual to be exhausted and hoping to sleep for a few days, but remember your first day after moving in can be essential to ensuring you enjoy your new apartment. Check that all of your major utilities are working or scheduled to be turned on within the next 24 to 48 hours. In general, leasing companies control electricity, sewer, gas, and trash pickup. If this is the case in your apartment and your utilities aren’t working, contact the management immediately. Look over your items, electronics, and major furnishings that were moved by the movers. Remove bubble wrap and moving blankets to confirm they aren’t damaged or nicked. If you see any damage, contact the moving company as soon as possible and take digital pictures of the damage to submit as proof. If any items are missing or delayed in transit, call the moving company to ask for an estimated time of arrival or to file a damage or missing report.

Start Unpacking the Essentials

It is common to want to open up every box and start pulling out everything! A better plan of attack is to unpack the essentials first. If you have children – unpack a few days’ worth of clothing, toys and toiletries for them to be comfortable, clean and occupied. Set up beds first with bed linens in all rooms so you will have a place to sleep after a long day of unpacking. Look to an essentials suitcase for you and your roommates or spouse that should have a few days’ worth of clothes and toiletries for you to use until you get the furniture in place throughout your apartment. Unpack a few kitchen pots, pans and utensils to cook, and put out fresh pet food and water if you’ve taken your pets out of boarding.

Week after Moving In

Now that you’ve been in your apartment for a week or so, determine what areas of your apartment need the most attention. Often closets, pantries, linen closets and storage areas will require some thought as to how you’d like to organize them based on your lifestyle. Invest in shelf paper, organization containers and other receptacles to store and display your items for quick access. If the apartment wasn’t cleaned well before you moved in, clean out shelves and closets before putting in your own items. Next, discuss furniture set up with your family or roommates; this is especially important for the home office and shared areas of the apartment. Make it a group effort so everyone’s opinions are heard and so the home will be comfortable for all members involved. As you unpack boxes, flatten cardboard boxes and consult your leasing company about where to place corrugated cardboard for recycling. Keep a good handle on your trash (bubble wrap, newspaper, and tape) and other packing materials so you don’t junk up your apartment and create more work than you had before you started unpacking!

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Following Weeks after the Move

Now that the inside of your apartment is livable, call your past leasing company if applicable and inquire if everything was left according to your agreement. If you are due back a deposit, confirm your banking info is correct or arrange to pick up a check. If your mail was stopped, make sure you restart it and fill out a change of address form with the Post Office. Go through your online bills and change addresses on your bank accounts as well as providing new contact info at your job, your children’s schools, your doctors and veterinarian, and other essential places. Once you have completed these items, you will really feel like the move is official.

Moving can be a life-changing event, but it should be one you embrace as helping you and your family grow and adapt. Who knows, after completing these tasks, you may be ready to think about decorating. We’ll give you a few more weeks to think about that!

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