The Basement

A common decluttering tip is to “move it to the basement.” Sure, it’s a temporary solution, but it can create long-term chaos. Before long, basement storage is no longer an option because it’s so cluttered that the space is no longer functional. If you’re really unlucky, all of your belongings can be ruined if a torrential downpour hits and your basement ends up flooded with several inches of water. Explore our blog to find great ideas that can help you tackle your clutter in your basement.

Basement Organization Tips

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement for storage, you have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Here are some tips for organizing and...


Spring Cleaning Your Basement

The basement can be a great space for storage, laundry, or even family fun -- unless it's a frightening collection of cardboard and cobwebs. Since the basement...


The Keys to Basement Organization

Your basement may not harbor anything scarier than decades of stuff you chose not to deal with. If the thought of going down there frightens you, take heart...


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