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We’re challenging you to think outside the box with one of these seven wallpaper projects.

Wallpaper Projects That Don't Use Your Walls at All

We all know the effect wallpaper can have on the transformation of a room, but what if we told you that you could create that same impact — without even touching your walls?

Whether you’re looking to bring life to an apartment restricted by rental regulations, hoping to make good use out of the remaining scraps of your favorite paper, or are just in the market for a new DIY adventure, we’re challenging you to think outside the box with one of these seven wallpaper projects.

1. Dressed-Up Stools

wallpaper projects: dressed-up stools

wallpaper projects: dressed-up stools
Image via The Little Street

Stools are functional items that most people have lying around their home. Whether you use them to grab the pots and pans out of that top kitchen shelf or as a boost to help your kids reach the sink, why not make them fun?

With a fresh coat of paint and some leftover wallpaper, Audrey from This Little Street created these DIY wallpaper stools in no time. To get the look, follow her step-by-step directions and personalize the details to match the decor of your specific room. An added bonus? They can double as a fashionable side table for your kids.

2. Patterned Trays

wallpaper projects: serving tray

Image via The Lovely Drawer

Serving trays are a hostess’s secret weapon. These DIY patterned trays from The Lovely Drawer are great for sharing appetizers or drinks at any event ranging from small get-togethers to large parties. Some other resourceful ways to use an upcycled serving tray:

  • Vanity tray: Hold and display your daily makeup, jewelry or accessories.
  • Temporary table: Place on top of a stool to create a makeshift table.
  • Art caddy: Store your art supplies so they can easily be moved from one area to another.
  • Plant tray: Arrange potted plants on the tray to create a focal point in any room.

This wallpaper project can be customized with any paint and paper to match your unique theme.

3. Covered Console Table

wallpaper projects: console table

wallpaper projects: console table
Image via Persia Lou

If you’re looking for a pop of color in a neutral-colored room,a DIY wallpaper-covered console table is a subtle, decorative touch.

Alexis from Persia Lou began this project by building a simple table made out of inexpensive wood (you could do the same, or upcycle a table you already have). She then cut the wallpaper so it would fold around the table, using Modge Podge to secure it. Use this technique to dress up any simple bookcase, table or desk, and add your favorite decor to style it.

4. Stairway to Heaven

wallpaper projects: stairway

wallpaper projects: stairway
Image via The Bold Abode

Stair risers are the vertical element in a set of stairs, between a step and the next. Although they’re in a high-traffic area, they are often overlooked. If your stair risers need some TLC, dressing them up with patterned wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add a new splash of color to your stairs.

Gwen from The Bold Abode took her boring staircase and transformed it into what she calls her Stairway to Heaven. Gwen used Spoonflower — a site that allows you to create your own wallpaper — to order a variety of swatches in different patterns for only $5 each. She then cut the wallpaper to size and adhered it to the risers.

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5. Polka Dot Fridge

wallpaper projects: kitchen fridge

wallpaper projects: kitchen fridge
Image via At Home in Love

If you love a little extra design but don’t want to go overboard, consider only using small sections of your favorite wallpaper.

Aileen from At Home in Love used creative thinking to make a unique polka dot fridge. Instead of using whole pieces of wallpaper, she used a small circle punch to cut out a ton of gold dots, sticking them all over her white fridge. If your wallpaper does not have an adhesive side, attach it to double-sided adhesive paper before you cut each circle. This will then allow you to peel off one side and stick it to your fridge.

Use this same concept to create stripes, squares or other fun shapes in one color or a variety of hues.

6. Wallpaper-Backed Bookcase

wallpaper projects: bookcase

wallpaper projects: bookcase
Image via The Happy Housie

Anyone who loves storage and organization knows the benefits of a bookcase. Even with limited space, these cases can hold books, toys, clothes, decorations and picture frames. What you probably haven’t considered, though, is dressing up a plain, old bookcase with a simple wallpaper project.

To make her own wallpaper-backed bookcase, Krista from My Happy Housie cut her adhesive wallpaper to fit her shelves. Then, she was able to stick it to the back. Simple, yet effective!

7. Drawers That Pop

wallpaper projects: drawers

wallpaper projects: drawers
Image via DIY Playbook

If you think you’re ready to touch up an older piece of furniture, try adding secret embellishment to your dresser. Casey from DIY Playbook kept the front of her drawers intact, but added a touch of wallpaper to the sides of each individual drawer. With just scissors, paper, and some Modge Podge, she transformed her dresser on a small budget.

By following any of these seven unique wallpaper projects, you’ll be sure to personalize different pieces of furniture and add more color (or flair) to  your home in no time.

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