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Have some wasted space under the stairs? Get inspired by these 15 unique ideas for under the stairs storage closets.

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We all want to make the most out of every inch of our homes. If you’re lucky enough to have spare space under a staircase, are you taking advantage of it?

The area under your stairs has probably gone unnoticed to you for as long as you can remember, but why? Just because it appears small doesn’t mean that it can’t be occupied and turned into a unique storage area that fits your particular needs.

We’ve collected 15 unique under the stairs storage ideas to help you start thinking out of the box about that storage space. Read on for some inspiration!

15 Ways to Use the Space Under the Stairs for Storage

1. A New Kitchen Pantry

Do you have a set of stairs right by your kitchen? Is your pantry constantly overflowing? If you answered yes to both of these, you might want to consider this addition to your house. Add an under the stairs closet pantry!

An under the stairs pantry will be a great benefit to your home You won’t have to worry about whether or not you will have enough room for all of the food and kitchen supplies you may store in your pantry!

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2. Angled Shelving for Just About Anything

Angled shelving could be used for just about anything. It’s a simple design that will help you keep space open in other areas of your house, just by adding angled shelving under the stairs. In this picture, it’s being used as a spice shelf. All of the spices are kept well organized, and now there is most likely extra room in the kitchen cabinets to store things that probably weren’t able to be put away before!

3. A Home for Your Bikes

If you don’t have any room to store your bikes when they aren’t being put to use, consider this quick fix! Just add hooks below your stairs that can hold your bikes and you have taken advantage of the stair space! Hanging your bikes like this leaves room in your garage for other items and it also is an excellent place to store the bikes for the winter.

4. A Way to Improve Your Entryway

Carve out some of that space under the stairs for a new sitting area and mudroom! The mudroom could be used from anything such as kids backpacks to coats and accessories. It’s a unique use of space that creates more room for everyday items and draws the attention of the eye as soon as you walk into your home.

5. A Place for Storage Cubes

Here’s another good use of the space under your stairs when you don’t have enough room for all of your belongings. Add a cubicle storage unit right under your stairs. This unit is accessible and helps to make it easier for you to stay organized. They also help to brighten the room instead of it just being an empty painted wall. This affordable home improvement is one that could help any home!

6. There’s Nothing Wrong with Another Closet

If you have too many clothes and shoes but nowhere left to put any of them, you are in luck! In this picture, these homeowners used the area beneath their stairs to add a closet rod and shoe racks for additional clothing and shoe space. This extra closet in your house would be useful to store clothes for the season until you can wear them. It opens up space options for you and is something that could be used all year long.

7. Nowhere to Put Your Desk?

Create a new study spot for you or anyone in your home. This area can be enclosed or open right below your stairs. It’s a unique way to use this space, and it will help anyone stay organized with school or work materials! As you can see in the picture, they added shelves. The shelves can be used for anything, from decorations to storage bins.

8. Multipurpose Drawer Storage

This is a great way to make use of the area under the stairs because it’s merely for storage purposes. If you’re trying to step up your organization game but don’t want to add something too big in your house, this would be the way to do it. Adding a few drawers in an area as small as the space under the stairs is a great way to maximize this space, and it will help you organize things you have laying around the house!

9. An Indoor Dog House

Do you wish you had something better than just a crate or a dog bed for your dog to sleep in? Make your furry friend a luxurious home of their own! This design is perfect for a place for your dog to relax and even to store pet items. Make your dog their own personal space and improve your pet organizational skills!

Under the Stairs Storage Closet - Mini Library Book Storage

Via Houzz

10. Turn the Space Under the Stairs into a Mini Library

If you are a fan of reading, but you don’t have any room in your house to put your book collection, take a look at this bookshelf idea! All that has to be done is to buy or make a few bookshelves that will fit the space under your stairs and place all of your books on the shelves! Once all of that is done, grab a book and read because you successfully have a book storage area in your house now!

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11. No More Kids Toys All Over the Place

If you are tired of cleaning up after your kid’s toys all the time, this might be the way you want to use the area underneath your stairs. If you don’t have a room under your stairs, you could use this space to make an enclosed area for the toys. All you have to do is build walls to make the space an enclosed room, add as many shelves as you want, add a door, and organize the toys in bins! This room could even double as a small playroom depending on the size of it and the age of your child.

12. A Hidden Laundry Room

Having trouble finding space for a washer and dryer in a small home? Just use the area under your stairs! Put your washer and dryer in there and add doors. You’ve just made your own laundry room out of unused space!

13. For Those Who Would Love a Wine Cellar

If you love wine and love to make improvements to your home, then you’ll love this! This homeowner added a wine cellar under their stairs. An under-the-stairs wine cellar can store all of your wine while being a decorative, nice touch to your house! Design it however you want and make it big or small! This is perfect for any wine lover.

14. Personal Craft Space

Your craft materials wouldn’t be so easily misplaced if you had a designated area to store all of them. You can make a personal craft space under a staircase if it’s something that would benefit you! All that needs to be done is adding a desk, some drawers, and some shelves. Of course, once this is complete, personalize the area to show off your craft skills. This is an easy storage space that will help you find your craft materials quicker!

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15. Tools Everywhere No More!

Do you have too many tools to handle? Start by sorting them all out into big and little bins; you should even try to label them, so you know what is in which bin. Then, put together a handy storage unit, like the one in the picture, right beneath your stairs. This maximizes all the space to allow it hold even more than it did before!

Feeling Inspired? Get Planning and Begin to Build!

Adding any of these under the stairs storage ideas would be a great addition to any house. They make more room available for you and all are unique. They help make your house clean and organized! If you are planning on doing any of these under the stairs home renovations by yourself, read: How to plan a DIY home renovation + Budget Spreadsheet!

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