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Before you toss another empty tissue box in the recycling bin, consider transforming it into one of these useful household items.


If it’s cold and flu season, or even allergy season, it’s possible to go through several tissue boxes in a short amount of time. Tissue boxes come in so many neat designs and colors, but your enjoyment of them isn’t limited to certain times of year. Before you toss another empty tissue box in the recycling bin, consider transforming it into something with a newfound purpose.

Organize Yourself with an Empty Tissue Box

Empty boxes of tissue are small enough to carry around or stash in small spaces, but the storage space on the inside is surprisingly large. If you have plastic grocery bags in your home, consider storing them in an old tissue box. “Stuff your empties into an old tissue box and store under the sink,” recommends Real Simple. “Then pull out one at a time when you need it.”

The same theory can be used for storing old rags you have sitting in your storage unit. Jessica Harlan writes, “I like to cut up old, stained T-shirts into little squares to use as cleaning rags, and I’ve found that an old tissue box is the perfect way to corral them all. You can put a nail in the wall of the closet in which you keep your cleaning supplies, and spear the box onto the nail, so it hangs within easy reach.”

If you’re looking for the perfect trash dispenser for your car, look no further. The tissue box can be stored in a console or next to a seat. Instead of letting straw wrappers, napkins, receipts, and other scraps collect in your cup holder, stash them in your tissue box trash can. Once it’s full, you can throw the entire box in the trash.

Repurposing Tissue Boxes

Get Crafty Using Empty Tissue Boxes

If you’re planning an upcoming bake sale or fundraiser, have you thought about where people can place donations? Consider an empty tissue box! It’s the perfect size for both bills and change, it’s easy to transport, and you can easily decorate the outside so it reflects your fundraiser.

Keeping the house clean during allergy season can be quite a chore, but it can be made a little easier when you devise a strategy using some of your craft supplies. According to MeckMom’s Maria Eckersley, it’s an idea that came from real life. “I find used tissues stashed by the sides of their beds, wadded up near the couch and pretty much everywhere else a tissue box is stashed. I hate picking up the nasty little tissues as much as the next mom, so I came up with this simple trick for making a mobile trash bin for used tissues.” To make this craft, you need an empty box of tissues and a full box of tissues. Use rubber bands to secure the two boxes together, and you have a portable trash can that goes wherever the tissue box goes.

Have Fun Repurposing Empty Tissue Boxes

Decorate empty tissue boxes of all sizes to create a building block set. “Spread the word amongst friends and family to save tissue boxes of all shapes and sizes,” recommends Harlan. “Then wrap each in used wrapping paper or newspaper and let your kids paint and decorate them as you see fit. The big blocks are particularly fun for toddler-aged kids who will love knocking down giant towers and walls, without the fear of getting hurt.”

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A favorite tissue box craft among kids of all ages is dinosaur feet. Erin Woiteshek, founder of A Bird and a Bean, says it’s a craft that lived up to her expectations. “I could just picture the kids laughing and walking around in these things. I was right on. They didn’t want to take them off. Ever. They giggled and chased each other around. It was too cute.” She posted pictures and directions on her blog if you want to try to make them yourself.

Who says organizational supplies and craft projects have to be expensive? When you repurpose empty tissue boxes, and combine that with what’s in your self-storage unit, you have a number of solutions for very little cost. You probably won’t start looking forward to allergy season, but if you’re stuck at home recovering from the sniffles, you have some fun projects to work on!

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