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Command strips and removable hooks are a temporary decorator’s best friend. These ten uses for adhesive hooks will help you hack your way to a decorated dorm or apartment without doing damage to the walls. Some will help you find additional storage space, too!

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If you’re wondering how to decorate a rental property without losing your security deposit, Command strips are your answer. First of all, they’re cheap, ringing in at about $3 for a pack of three. You don’t need tools to install them since they adhere directly to walls. They are easily removed, and the very best part: they leave no traces behind.

Being temporary by nature, adhesive hooks are extremely desirable for those of us who chronically rearrange, rent an apartment, or live in a dorm room. You can avoid decorator’s remorse or the loss of a security deposit by decorating with removable hooks instead of nails and screws which leave holes in your walls.

If you haven’t used them in your decor already, adhesive hooks are about to become your best friend. Here are 10 home decor hacks to make the most of your walls and small spaces without the commitment. Some will even help you add a bit of storage in unexpected places, too!

1. Create a Wall Art Gallery

Add some character to blank walls with your favorite wall art and decorations. Using removable strips to hang frames and other pieces in a gallery gives your room personality without any permanent damage. Plus, adhesive hooks and nail strips make it easier to hang unconventional items like plates, baskets, or wreaths. Get creative with a variety of items–you’re not limited to things that hang on a nail!

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2. Decorate a Door

Forget hammering into your door or using an unsightly wreath hanger. Utility hooks can be stuck to a door and tucked neatly out of sight behind wreaths or other door decor. Try picture hangers to create door decor from frames.

Want to dress up a screen door? Place a hook upside down on the backside of the door and drape it to the front with a ribbon or invisible thread.


3. Jazz Up Ceilings and Windows

Create a sunny space for plants by hanging them from your window frames in hanging planters. Hang a wreath to dress up your kitchen window. You could even create your own mobile or children’s decor by using hooks to hang lanterns, toy planes, or anything else your little one loves from the ceiling. No tools required!


4. Welcome the Season with Holiday Decor

No one wants to put permanent holes in a wall for decor that will only be used for the holidays. Use adhesive hooks to string lights or hang banners. Hooks can even be used on your fireplace mantle to hold garland or greenery in place.


5. Add Temporary Storage Anywhere

If you are limited on pantry space or need some extra room for toy storage, you can instantly add storage with the help of a few adhesive wall hooks. Hang bins or baskets on hooks inside closets or on walls–wherever you could use the extra storage. Place hooks inside kitchen cabinets to corral cooking utensils, measuring spoons, or tops to pots and pans.

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6. Keep Essentials Within Reach

Put a removable hook with a basket on your bedside wall, nightstand or living room side table. Now you have a quick and convenient spot to drop remotes and phones. That way they are always in reach. You could also attach the frame hanger right to the back of your remote with it’s matching hanger on the wall next to the couch. Now that it has a convenient, designated place, you may never lose it again. (Wishful thinking?)


7. Save Money on Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware can get expensive, and towel racks aren’t always efficient. Hang hooks for wet towels and leave the rod for decorative use. It’s easier for kids to hang a towel on a hook rather than a rod.


8. Finish a Room with Curtains

Cover boring blinds with curtains the easy way, no drilling required. Strategically placed hooks with tension or curtain rods between them dress up any window space. The same technique can be applied to add dimension to a blank wall or to create a fun focal headboard. Just hang a tapestry, canopy or curtains behind or around a plain bed frame.


9. Hide Unsightly Cords

When you have lamps or other electronics on an open console table, all the wires become an eyesore. Stick removable hooks behind the table and reroute those cords from view. Say goodbye to the wires with no harm done to your pretty piece.


10. Add a Makeshift Mudroom

If your new pad doesn’t have the luxury of a coat closet or mudroom, create one anywhere without damaging walls or cabinets. This garage mudroom was built inside and outside of existing cabinets. When you no longer need all that storage for backpacks and coats, simply pull off the hooks!

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You can’t beat the simplicity of peel-and-stick hooks. And what a comfort it is to know there will be no touch ups needed when it’s time for a change!

There are so many creative uses for these handy hangers. How do you use them in your home decor? Share in the comments below!

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