Jackie from Haus2Home shows us how to create a simple yet functional sports equipment storage rack. This storage compartment on wheels doubles as a score keeper!

How to Store Sports Equipment

Storing various sized sporting gear is not as simple as it seems. You may even have organizational systems and bins in place. However, have you ever tried to pull one item out of the sports equipment bin and EVERYTHING else comes toppling out, rolling all over the garage floor? Have you ever inadvertently tripped on, kicked or otherwise rolled over a miscellaneous ball?

Well, you are in luck because today I’m going to help you solve your sporting equipment storage dilemma with one simple rack. This DIY is actually very simple, affordable and best of all, it is dual purpose.

Here’s what you will need for this project:

  • ½ inch plywood (2 sheets)
  • ¾ inch plywood (1 sheet)
  • Wood plank (2 feet long)
  • 12 feet of bungee cord
  • Lighter (yes, fire!)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Casters (4)
  • Screws
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Wood glue
  • Drill and drill bits

Now, I wasn’t always an organized sports equipment professional. Here’s what my sports equipment looked like before I started this project. It’s so sad looking, isn’t it?

How to Organize Sports Equipment

Step 1

I started off with tackling my plywood assembly.  The idea was to have three closed walls and one that was completely open.  Since my plywood width was two feet wide, I measured and cut the second piece exactly in half vertically.

Step 2

For the next step, I used wood glue and wood screws to attach the three pieces together along the length of the plywood.

Note: It’s a great idea to pre-drill your screw holes so that you aren’t cracking your plywood when you are screwing in your screws. Once you are done with the first portion of the frame, it should look like the third picture shown here.

Step 3

How to Make a Sports Ball Rack

Next, measure and cut a piece of wood for the bottom of the frame.  I chose something a little thicker than the walls for extra strength because this will be used as the main support. Measure the wood slightly larger than the frame so that there’s a bit of a lip on the bottom front.

Fasten the wood together using the same pre-drill, wood glue and wood screw process you used in step 2.

Step 4

Flip your frame back around so the base is at the bottom and the open area is a the top. Take your pencil and mark off every six inches on your 2-foot long wood plank.  This will be where you drill your holes for your bungee cord to fit through.

Note: You will want to use a large bit size for this step.

Measure and drill every six inches on the base of your unit as well.  This will allow the top holes to match up with the bottom ones so that you are able to string your bungee cord through evenly.

Once all your holes have been drilled, attach the two-foot long plank to the frame of your unit using the pre-drill, wood glue, and wood screw method.

Step 5 & 6

The next steps involve using the bungee cord which will not only hold your equipment inside, but it will also allow you to see everything that is in your unit. Using bungee is such a wonderful idea! Simply tie a knot in the bungee cord and string your cord through the top hole. Then, string the bungee cord through the bottom hole and tie the bottom knot while pulling the bungee tight.

Because your bungee cord is one continuous strand, you will need to cut the cord a couple of times. Once you cut it, you will notice that the cord will begin to fray at the end.  Now, I don’t usually recommend playing with fire, but just this one time I will allow it. VERY CAREFULLY burn the end of the cord until the frayed fabric is gone and the cord melts a little bit.  This will only take about 3 seconds, so please be safe and don’t get carried away!

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After your three cords are attached, your project should look like this:

Step 7

For an extra bit of pizazz and fun, I decided to paint the back of the unit with chalkboard paint.  This will help keep score if you are playing games! Then, the last step is to attach your casters with screws.  Once they are attached, you are quite literally ready to roll!

Now give yourself a pat on the back because your equipment storage organization has just been kicked up a notch. As an added bonus, the sports enthusiasts in your life are also sure to love it!

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Jackie Hausler seeks to inspire creativity in the name of reclaiming, reusing and upcycling. With each project, she walks followers through do-it-yourself projects, shows how to give old items a new chance at life, and teaches ways to be eco-friendly and live a green lifestyle. She believes making your house a home doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful and is passionate about accomplishing that while being kind to our earth. Jackie is the founder of the home and lifestyle blog Haus2Home.

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