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Making your own holiday and seasonal decor is a fun way to decorate without the heavy price tag, and you can personalize it to fit your own needs. Today, we will be showing you how to make your very own rustic wooden pumpkin from just a few items.  Simply follow this step-by-step guide to learn more.


Autumn is a fabulous season full of changes around the home. The smells of hot apple cider and fresh baked pumpkin bread can be found in my home this time of year. It’s a time for taking the kids to the local pumpkin patches, apple orchards and decorating with warm and festive colors. I also like to entertain in the backyard and decorate the outdoor sink area with the changing seasons. That’s why I was inspired to make something simple yet: my own scrap wood pumpkin. It only took a few hours to put together and is a great beginner DIY project you can do solo or with your children.  Let’s begin, shall we?

What you will need for this project:

  • One 2×4 board (8 foot length)
  • One small piece of scrap wood of your choice (for pumpkin stem)
  • Tape Measure
  • Miter saw or hand saw
  • Parchment Paper
  • Wood Glue
  • Two Wood Clamps
  • Rustoleum Spray Paint (Satin Espresso & Gloss Real Orange)
  • Orbital Sander or Sanding Block
  • Sandpaper (I used 120 grit)
  • Optional Decoration: ribbon, twine, and/or raffia

*Remember to use caution, eye protection, and extreme care when using power tools. I also use a respirator mask and gloves when spray painting.

Step 1: Cut your wood pieces

lifestorage-woodpumpkin-2 copy.jpg
You are going to make several cuts as shown. (Your local hardwood supply store may be able to cut the pieces for you at a minimal fee.)


Additionally, you will be cutting a stem with a 45 degree angle so it sits on top of the pumpkin. (You will save this piece for a bit later.)

Step 2: Assemble your wood pieces to resemble a pumpkin shape


Fresh cut wood smells so good. Don’t be alarmed, you will have several pieces of wood for this project that may or may not require a cute galvanized tray to carry them in.

Arrange your pieces as shown in the photo above you used for your measurements. You will want a working space that you do not mind getting dirty. I personally love using parchment paper for projects that require paint and glue as sometimes things will stick to newspaper when they have dried.

Step 3: Glue your wood pieces

Starting from the bottom, you will glue the top of each piece and stack until you have glued all your pieces together. (I originally glued while stacking up but realized after the fact that it was best to do this step on a flat service.)


Once you have glued all your wood pieces, you will squeeze them with clamps and let sit for about an hour.  I let mine sit in the warm sun but you can also place it by a fan indoors to speed up the process. You want the glue to be dried before moving on to the next step.


Step 4: Paint your pumpkin

I chose to make a rustic pumpkin so I used two colors to accomplish this (you also have the option of using one color of your choice). The first coat used was Espresso. Using a respirator mask and gloves, I sprayed the pumpkin while standing it up so that I can ensure an even coat on all sides.  I also used this color for painting the mini pumpkin stem.

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After it was completely dry, I then evenly sprayed an Orange top coat. I allowed this to sit and completely dry in the sun. (Don’t be alarmed if the color appears very orange and glossy. The color will be toned down after we sand it.)

Step 5: Attach your Stem


Glue your cute little stem to the top of your pumpkin. Let it dry completely.

Step 6: Rustic up your pumpkin

The orange spray paint has a glossy finish and I did not want this look so I distressed it by sanding it. You can sand as much or as little as desired.

Step 7: Add some glam

The final step is all up to you and there are so many options! I chose to add a combination of raffia and twine and tied this around the stem.

I love how it came out!


Need some decorating tips using your new wooden pumpkin? I used it as my main focal point on my DIY outdoor sink.  I think it’s the perfect decoration and I now have more money to spend on food while entertaining in the backyard!

It’s also a fun Halloween decoration.  I simply added more ribbon and a spider to easily  transition my pumpkin for Halloween decor, too!



Have fun making your own pumpkin!

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Laura Destro

Laura Destro is a lifestyle photographer who loves to make DIY decor and holiday crafts. She is also known for her DIY Outdoor Sink, Holiday Mantels and seasonal craft ideas she shares on both her blog and Instagram @destrophoto.

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