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Kris from Driven by Decor is sharing five quick & easy outdoor decorating solutions that will help you get your house holiday-ready in a snap.


With the holidays approaching, we’re pulled in so many directions with gift shopping, holiday parties, and home decorating. If decorating the outdoors is on your ever-growing holiday to-do list, consider these five quick and easy ideas that each take 15 minutes or less.


Give Your Mailbox Some Swag

Decorate Mailbox for Christmas

Your mailbox is a great place to start your outdoor holiday decorating because it’s the first thing that people see as they drive up to your home. Instead of a traditional garland wound around your mailbox post, instead why not give your mailbox a little swag?

Creating a greenery swag for your mailbox is super simple. If you have evergreen bushes in your yard and a few yards of ribbon in a drawer, it’s also free! The first step is to collect two bundles of short evergreen branches (droopier varieties work best) and tie them together at the base with rubber bands or hair bands. If you don’t have any evergreen bushes in your yard to cut branches from, you can find branch bundles at most Christmas tree stands and garden centers during the holidays.

Mailbox Holiday Decor

Next, place your first branch bundle on top of the mailbox so that the base of the branches is at the center. Take a piece of floral wire, tie it around the base of your branch bundle, and then loop it around your mailbox post, twisting the two wire ends tightly together around the back of the post.

Mailbox Holiday Decor

Repeat the same process with your second branch bundle.
Mailbox Holiday Decor

Now all you have left to do is add a bow. You can either buy a premade bow or make your own in just a minute or two by making a small ribbon loop for the center, then looping your ribbon back and forth so that you have five loops on each side, and finally tying it in place with a piece of floral wire looped through the center of the bow and twisted together in the back.

Mailbox Holiday Decor

Leave long enough “tails” on your bow’s floral wire so that you can thread one end through the middle of your tied bundles. Then twist the two ends together to secure your bow in place on top of your greenery. You’ve now got the prettiest mailbox on the block!


Deck Out Your Front Door with Greenery

Mailbox Holiday Decor

Deck out your front door in a similar way to how we created the mailbox swag but with larger branches. Simply gather a large bundle of evergreen branches along with a few berry branches. Cut the ends of the branches so that they’re even. Then tie the branch bundle together around the base with a rubber band.  Finally, hook it over a wreath hook attached to your door so that half of the bundle falls to one side of the hook and the other half falls to the other side.

You can stick with just greenery or make it more festive by adding bells, small lanterns, or other holiday decorations on top of your greenery. Finish it up by tying a large bow at the top with wire-edged ribbon. Let your ribbon ends cascade downward.

For a step-by-step photo tutorial and source for the bells used in my own home’s holiday door dec, see {this post}.


Chalk Up Your Windows

Chalk Window Decoration

Your windows are an often overlooked spot to add some outdoor holiday cheer! Use chalk pens to add seasonal greetings and drawings that your guests will see as they walk up to your front door.

It’s a fun way to get your kids involved in the holiday decorating. Just turn them loose with a chalk pen on a window or two! Make sure you use a chalk pen that’s made to wipe off of glass with wet wipes so you can easily remove your holiday window art after the holidays are over.

Chalk Pen Drawings on Window for Christmas


Fill Up Lanterns With Ornaments

Lanterns filled with Christmas ornaments

I keep two lantern trios on our front porch throughout the fall and winter that I change up with the seasons. This year, I tied some holiday ribbon on the top of the large lanterns and filled all three lanterns up with metallic ornaments.

Lanterns that open from the top are easiest to fill. But, if your lantern opens from the side, simply hold a piece of firm cardboard up against the opening while you’re filling them. Then slide the cardboard out as you close the door. Pine cones and white string lights are other ideas for filling up lanterns with holiday spirit!

Lanterns filled with ornaments


Create Beautiful Planters with Backyard Greenery

Holiday planter ideas

For most of us, it’s too cold over the holidays for plants to survive in outdoor planters. Fill them with greenery instead! Branches from evergreen trees and bushes in your yard or clippings from your local Christmas tree stand are perfect.

Start by filling your planters with either packed dirt or floral foam covered by a thin layer of dirt. The floral foam method helps keep your branches in place a little better. Then it’s as simple as sticking branches into your planters until you have a full arrangement of greenery.

Use more upright branches near the rear of your planters. Incorporate greenery that’s a bit more relaxed and droopy near the front. I finished mine off with a few pinecones and a holiday bow. You can buy ones like mine that are attached to a dowel at most HomeGoods and craft stores.

Holiday planter ideas

If you love your planters to have a natural look, the key is to not overthink it. Just keep sticking in branches and stepping back to look at your progress a few times until you’re finished!

I hope you picked up an idea or two for your own home over the holidays this year. Enjoy this special month ahead!


About the Author

Kris Jarrett

Hi! I'm Kris, a design lover with a passion for room makeovers, DIY projects, stylish buys, and finding the perfect shade of paint. Decorate along with me as I share simple tips and ideas for adding affordable style and timeless design to your home.

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