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Would you like to add some rustic home décor to your space in under 30 minutes? This simple wood slice wreath is the perfect project to tackle this fall and winter season.

how to make a wood slice wreath

Fall is here, the leaves are finally changing colors, and the holidays will be here before you know it. With all the holiday decorating and gift giving going on this time of year, sometimes going the homemade route just makes more sense. Plus, it really is so relaxing to pause, sit down, and create something pretty and functional.

This wood slice wreath is one of the easiest projects you can tackle. It would be a fun addition to your fall or winter décor. This wreath would also make a great gift. On a scale of 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest, this project is definitely a 1, meaning anyone can tackle this project with success.

Creating a wood slice wreath is a great beginners project that requires just a few supplies and a little bit of time. These projects are so, so popular right now, too. They are rustic, natural, and match just about any décor. You could hang this on your door with a ribbon, use as part of a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, or give as a housewarming or Christmas gift. Let’s get started!


  • about 25-30 3-inch wood slices*
  • 12-inch craft ring
  • wood glue
  • black paint
  • foam paint brush
  • ribbon

*You can either cut wood slices yourself or purchase them. I went the easy route & ordered mine online. If you do cut them yourself, you will need a miter saw. Find a branch about 3 inches in diameter and cut each slice about ¼ inch thick. Be sure to cut your slices all the same width, so your wreath will lay flat. Remember when using power tools always use hand and eye protection and follow all safety guidelines. Create at your own risk!

Step 1:

First, paint your craft ring on both sides using the black paint and a foam brush. Let it dry completely. If you are not sure exactly where you will be hanging your wreath, don’t miss this step. If you do decide to put it on your front door at some point, you will want the craft ring to be as weatherproof as possible. The paint helps it become a little bit more durable.

wood slice craft

Step 2:

Put a pretty good amount of wood glue around the inside of the craft ring. I chose to use wood glue instead of a hot glue gun on this project because the bond would be so much stronger with the wood glue. Once the wood glue dries completely this wreath will be extremely strong, almost unbreakable.

wood crafts

Step 3:

Next, put on the first layer of wood slices. The wood glue doesn’t dry fast, so it will give you plenty of time to arrange & rearrange your wood slices.

wood slice crafts for fall

This is how the first layer looked after I was done. You want the wood slices to go completely around without any big gaps between them. Just play around with it until you get a nice tight fit. Notice I used some of my “funny” shaped slices on the first layer. You won’t even notice these when you’re done!

wood slice crafts

Step 4:

Add another layer of wood slices by putting a little bit of glue on the bottom of each wood slice.

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wood slice crafts

You’ll put the second layer of wood slices on by putting a wood slice where two slices meet on the bottom row, so they are overlapping.

home decor

This is how the second layer looked when I was finished.

wood crafts

Step 5:

It’s time to put on your last layer of wood slices. This time I skipped a spot and put a wood slice on every other place where two wood slices had met. This alternating pattern gives my wreath a more interesting pattern. Feel free to arrange yours any way you want. Be creative!

wreath crafts

Step 6:

Next, I put some super heavy boards on top of my wreath. These boards were left over from my farmhouse picnic table benches. Scrap wood always comes in handy around our house. Ha!

crafts for winter

Step 7:

After the wreath is completely dried, (I let mine dry overnight.) hang the wreath with a ribbon. Add a fun vinyl hello in the background, and you’ve got a fun welcome to your home.

homemade crafts

winter home decor

Let me know what projects you are working on this holiday season. I’d love to hear what you are up to. Do you like to make your own home decor? Are you going to try out any wood slice projects?

I’ve seen wood slice ornaments, wood slice garlands, wood slice pumpkins, wood slice signs and more over on Pinterest. The wood slice trend is one of my favorites. Wood slice Christmas ornaments might be my next project to tackle with the leftover wood slices from this project.

I’d love to hear if you try to make this wood slice wreath. Let me know if you have any questions!

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