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Mason jars always add the perfect amount of rustic farmhouse charm to your outdoor living space. Learn how to make these beautiful mason jar luminaries that can easily transition from winter to spring.

mason jar luminaries

There is a reason you see mason jars all over Pinterest; they are versatile, inexpensive, and come in so many sizes. You can find them in the canning section of your local store or even at the thrift store. With just a few supplies you can turn them into just about anything, from party décor to these wintry mason jar luminaries to pretty spring vases.

With a little bit of work, they can add the perfect touch to your outdoor decor or celebration. Learn how to turn ordinary mason jars into this beautiful centerpiece that would be perfect for a family dinner outside on the patio or as a simple centerpiece for a wedding or outdoor BBQ.

This centerpiece consists of two things: a rustic wooden tray and frosted mason jar luminaries with wire handles. We’ll be showing you how to make both. Let’s start with that wooden tray first.

You will need a just a few things to get started.

mason jar decor


  • (1) 6 foot cedar fence board
  • table saw
  • nail gun
  • nails
  • tape measurer

Cedar is the perfect wood to use for this project. Cedar holds up well outside, and it smells and looks amazing. I used cedar boards for my DIY window boxes, and they are holding up so well outside. I can’t wait to plant some more flowers in them this spring.

For this project, I bought two cedar fence boards but soon realized that I would only need one of these boards. You can buy a cedar fence board for under $3 at your local hardware store making this project super cheap to make as well.

wood projects

Step 1: Cut your wood.

Using a table saw you will cut your cedar fence board into the following size pieces.

(2) 28 inch x 2 inches pieces
(1) 28 inch x 4.5 inch piece
(2) 5.75 inch x 2 inch

*Remember to use protective eye wear & to use all safety precautions when using power tools.

wood crafts

Step 2: Assemble your tray using a nail gun.

Then, you will need to assemble your box using a nail gun. Nail guns are amazing little tools. I love mine!

wood craft projects

First, you’ll attach your two sides to the bottom piece by putting 4 to 5 nails along the bottom edge.

wood crafts

Then you’ll attach your two end pieces. All done!

wood projects for the home

To make the mason jar luminaries you will need the following supplies.


  • wide mouth mason jars*
  • heavy gauge black wire
  • needle nose pliers with wire cutter
  • Frosted Glass spray paint
  • yard stick

*Wide mouth mason jars are my favorite. They are perfect in so many projects. I always like to keep some on hand in my craft room. I used these same jars in my Hot Cocoa Bar last month.

Step 1: Spray paint your mason jars.

spray paint projects

TIP: I sprayed painted my jars before I added the wire handles. Next time, I would definitely do this step last. The wire had a black coating on it, so when I was finished adding the handles I had black fingerprints all over the place. I also had a few spots where the paint got scratched off. I ended up repainting my jars. It wasn’t a big deal, but it would have been easier to just save that step until last.

Step 2: Add a wire handle.

mason jar crafts

To add the wire handle, cut wire into a 32-inch piece.

craft projects

Using the end of your needle nose pliers, curve one end of your wire into a “C” shape.

wire craft projects

It should look something like this.

mason jar crafts

Loop your wire around your jar using your little hook to grab the other end of the wire. Pull tight.

wire crafts

Bring the long end of your wire over your jar & slide it under the wire on the opposite side of the jar.

mason jar party decor

Pull the end of the wire through until your handle is the height you would like it to be.

wire crafts

Loosely twist your wires together as you bring the loose end of the wire back to were you started. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember we are going for the rustic look.

mason jar crafts

Cut off any excess wire with your wire cutters.

easy craft ideas

Crimp any loose ends together using your needle nose pliers. All done!

mason jar crafts

Step 3: Fill your mason jars.

Next, I filled the bottom of the luminaries with dried white beans and set a candle inside. I put all the luminaries in the wooden tray we made earlier and added some decorative decor balls.

centerpiece ideas

All that is left to do is to light the candles. So pretty!

mason jar luminaries

You can find out how to make this farmhouse picnic table the centerpiece is on right over HERE.

mason jar decor

To change it up a little bit, I decided to dress up this centerpiece with a more spring/summer feel. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for pretty flowers and warmer weather. I emptied everything out, filled the mason jars with water, and added some pretty spring flowers.

Isn’t this gorgeous? I love when I can use home décor across several seasons. This would make a pretty centerpiece for a summer wedding or at spring garden party. This centerpiece is both inexpensive and beautiful. This is the perfect DIY to tackle for your next outdoor event!

flower centerpiece

home decor

mason jar centerpiece

mason jar decor

Which do you like better, candles or flowers? Let us know if you try out this project! I’d love to hear how your centerpiece turns out.

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mason jar centerpiece

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