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Summer may be right around the corner, but is your child’s playroom ready? Follow this advice for a clean and organized play area all summer long.


Can you believe the school year is winding down? Before you know it, your kids will be running around the house for the whole summer. While many parents welcome summer to spend more time with their kids and have a more relaxed schedule, many dread the disorganization of the house. From bedrooms to play areas and shared family spaces like the family room, disorganization can quickly creep into chaos. Before your kids get out of school for summer break, establish some easy organization methods and help your kids keep them organized, too! Here are a few ways to prepare your kids’ play areas while still keeping your sanity in the summer months.

Create activity zones throughout the house

For many households the biggest organizational challenge is how to keep multiple children at varying age levels busy and active at the same time. The solution is to create activity zones throughout your home. In larger homes that have a dedicated playroom this will be an easier task. For smaller homes, consider making multifunctional spaces within their bedroom. For example, a quiet corner with bookshelves and a beanbag chair for quiet time, or a play area with activity cubbies in an opposite corner of the room, can help organize and divide what items are used and where they belong. If their bedroom is already small, look to a corner of the family room or living room to designate as their play area. This will also help the entire family learn how to keep their belongings in their designated space.

Use hidden storage to maximize organization

For many households the problem isn’t how much space you have, it’s how to creatively organize the storage so it doesn’t look like a cyclone ripped through their room every day. One of the best ways to organize their play areas is with hidden storage techniques. Bench seating with hinged seat lids provide an area below the seat to store larger toys and mats, balls, etc. These items then only need to be taken out when kids are playing with them. Vertical wall storage in the form of shelving, hooks, or clear drawer bins are perfect for teaching growing children how to put their toys away and helps them see items before they need to play with them. Keep hidden storage in mind around your house, not just in play areas. In your home office or near the family entertainment center are other notable areas to try.

Taming their electronic clutter

In our ever-changing world of technology gadgets, most households need a place for both physical toys and an increasing collection of electronic devices. From gaming system controllers and accessories to adapter cords and cables for portable devices, their play area can get out of hand quickly. Look to a charging station for handheld devices to charge on a desk, foyer table, or a central location in the home. This will keep cords organized, allow children to locate their devices easily, and will set up a “home” for them when not in use. For game controllers and cords look to multifunctional ottomans and storage containers that can double as seating and storage in the family or play rooms. For older teenagers, gaming chairs often come with storage built into them. You can also designate a bookshelf with baskets or use the entertainment center storage to neatly organize accessories and games. Determine what age of child-appropriate storage will work best in your home. This area can change as your child matures and their activity needs change as well.

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This is the perfect time of year to mentally and physically prepare the house for your kids’ return for the summer months. Instead of dreading the extra clutter and organization hassles, look to these helpful tips to get their play areas ready for the season. From hidden storage and activity zones to taming the electronic clutter, you will be surprised how this summer feels a little bit better than the past! Once you start adopting these practices, your kids will catch on and organization will become routine and a breeze in your home.

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