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If you’ve decided it’s time to focus on your sanctuary, you’re probably wondering how to decorate a master bedroom to really set it apart. Here are twelve design tips to easily turn that plain bedroom into a master suite retreat.

wondering how to decorate a master bedroom? here are 12 design tips to

In your home, the living room is where you entertain guests and the kitchen is where you spend family time. The master bedroom should be only for you. A master bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary where a homeowner can slip away. It isn’t just where you hope to get a good night’s rest. For this reason, it should also be the room where you are surrounded by comfort, a little pampering and hopefully some elegance and style. The master bedroom should be a space fit for the head of the household.

If you’ve decided it’s time to focus on your sanctuary, you’re probably wondering how to decorate a master bedroom to really set it apart. There are some easy ways to turn that bedroom into a master suite retreat. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are going to bed in a 5-star hotel every night?

How to Decorate a Master Bedroom

To truly set your master suite apart from any old bedroom, you need to balance cozy with luxury. Add style elements like mirrors, light fixtures and wall art but don’t skimp on comfort items such as cushy throws and pillows, area rugs and familiar scents. It’s all about setting the scene for tranquil and reviving alone time, which means fostering a space for undisturbed quiet.

Decorating a master suite can really be boiled down into these 12 design focuses:

  1. First and foremost: Organization
  2. Your Bed
  3. Linens
  4. Seating
  5. Rugs
  6. Lighting
  7. Accessories
  8. Pillows
  9. Window Treatments
  10. Paint Colors
  11. Nightstands
  12. Sleep Enhancers

Click through or read on to learn tips on each one!

1. Clear the bedroom of clutter.

how to decorate a master bedroom - first declutter

First things first, before you can really feel like your bedroom is a calming oasis getaway, you need to clear the clutter. Clothes slung over chairs and extra items on table tops or dressers are just going to remind you that you need to straighten up. That’s the opposite of relaxing!

Start by making a concerted effort to put things in their place. Organize your closet and dresser drawers in a way that makes it easy to keep the bedroom clean and organized.

To get started, we dare you to try our bedroom refresh challenge: 7 Steps to the Perfect Bedroom Makeover. The challenge–which really isn’t that challenging–includes bedroom organization tips and even a free printable to keep you on track.

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2. Set the scene with a statement-making bed fit for a master.

It’s all about that statement bed. No matter what your decor style, in the bedroom the bed should be the most important player. Get your mattress off the floor and dress up a boring frame.

This lovely farmhouse style DIY headboard from Erin at Cotton Stem Interiors is a show stopper. Especially with the touches of greenery and embroidery hoops, she really has mastered a focal wall for her room.

The good news is a pretty frame doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. Check yard sale sites for something vintage or DIY your own headboard. We made a fun focal headboard out of inexpensive Command hooks and a curtain rod. Learn how in our 10 Temporary Home Decor Hacks Every Renter Will Appreciate post, or try your hand at constructing a DIY pallet headboard!

And of course, don’t skimp out on a mattress. A cozy bedroom means you should be comfortable when you sleep.

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3. Layer on the comfort with lush linens.

You have the beautiful headboard. Now it’s time to dress up that bed. Selena from Middle Sister Design has really layered on the comfort. This is a bed no one will want to leave.

Simple white linens exude cleanliness and give the feel of a calm hotel room. Layer the bed with sheets, a coverlet and a fluffy duvet for a boutique hotel appearance.

When choosing the right sheet set, it’s not always about thread count. Pay attention to the fabric material.

Duvets are a nice addition to a bed over a comforter. The insert can be customized and the duvet cover is easier to wash than a traditional comforter. The look of washed linen has a soft luxury and stores like Ikea and H&M have affordable duvet sets.

4. Add a daytime getaway with a small bedroom seating area.

seating area master bedroom decorating tips

If you have the space, amp up your master bedroom by adding an intimate seating area. A cozy reading chair with a side table and lamp makes the perfect space for two to escape the busyness of the day. When you want to get away from the chaos of the living room, take your coffee in your bedroom and close the door!

Another option is to add a chair or a small sofa at the end of your bed, especially if you want an alternative spot to cozy up and watch a little TV.

5. Warm the room with rugs.

rug runner bedside how to decorate a master bedroom

Whether you have hardwood or carpet, placing a plush rug underfoot will help you start the day right. Placing your first footstep on a welcoming area rug will make your morning.

Also, a rug can be a statement in a room. A large rug should carry the bed, but they can be expensive. A more affordable option would be to place a runner on each side of the bed. If your bed is off center, try a smaller eye-catching stunner on one side of the bed.  Another idea is a plush sheepskin, alone or layered on top of another rug.

6. Establish ambiance with luxe lighting.

The ladies of Classy Clutter really know how to dress up a master. Look at those light fixtures! Mallory added functional and pretty sconces above her bed.

Any room should have several points of light, including overhead lighting and table or floor lamps. Usually, a bedroom has a ceiling fan, but go luxe with lighting in the master suite.

If you don’t feel you need the extra air, a chandelier, pretty flush mount or a pendant light can make your bedroom feel much more regal. Make sure you also add lamps on a nightstand, or wall sconces, for reading. Putting your lighting on a dimming feature can help soften the mood at the touch a switch.

If you can, try swapping out ceiling fixtures as Savannah has done here. Her statement chandelier gives the room even more style.

*Renter’s Tip: Plug-in sconces are an excellent way to add some lighting personality when you can’t commit to changing out major fixtures.

7. Accessorize.

romantic photos how to decorate a master bedroom

Since your bedroom should be a retreat, try to keep the decor simple. Again, it’s all about balancing luxury and comfort. Mirrors behind lamps widen the space while wedding photos on bedside tables bring on the intimacy. Keep a stylish tray on hand for collecting small items, or for a spot to rest your coffee and breakfast in bed.

Turn up the romance with loving photos of you and your partner. It’s your bedroom. Most people won’t see this space, so make it totally your own by making it the most comfortable for you.

8. Pile on the pillows.

The one thing that unites every bed besides cozy linens is pillows! Courtney from Tuft & Trim didn’t skimp on the cozy with her over-sized euros and velvet throw pillows in her bedroom update pictured here. Obviously, your bed will have the pillows you sleep on, but adding extra throw and decorative pillows makes you want to just dive right into a bed.

You can keep it simple with a few extra standard pillows or add all the fluff with euros and lumbar size. Be sure to add at least a couple extra because it’s much comfier to lean on some extra padding when you’re catching up on some late night reading.

Stow away those extra pillows and throws during the warm months in a versatile Beachcomber basket, a functional and fashionable storage option.

9. Select proper window treatments.

Proper window treatments are important for any master bedroom. You can soften windows with flowing curtains, but you can also place blackout liners behind drapes or a stylish roman shade for room darkening. This way you can get some shut-eye no matter what time of day.

These bamboo shades from Alicia and Nick’s bedroom add some texture to the room while also offering a way to block out the light. You can find their entire bedroom tour at A Burst of Beautiful.

10. Pick the right paint colors.

Try and keep the wall color pallet for your bedroom calm. Subtle whites or gray paint make a room serene.

Another option is to dress up the scene with a darker hue like navy or a deep green. The room suddenly becomes even more of a sleep zone.

Haneen of Haneen’s Haven went dark for her master. It makes all the accessories in her space pop while also giving a moody ambiance to the room. It always has that cloudy, rainy, cuddle day feel–ideal for a siesta any day!

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11. Glam up your nightstand.

Bring on the feeling of a high-end hotel suite at home. Simply add a fancy lamp and a vase of flowers–fresh or faux. Just placing a stack of books with a pretty candle on top can elevate a tabletop.

These pretty boxes and floral arrangements on Courtney’s (Tuft & Trim) nightstand is classic and pretty.

12. Decorate with sleep enhancers.

While you are dressing up that night stand, keep some sleep enhancing fragrances close by. A scented candle or linen spray at your bedside can be pretty and functional.

Certain scents like jasmine and lavender help you get a better night of shut-eye. An even better option: go for the real deal. Bring in some greenery, an attractive plant with purifying power like English Ivy or a Snake Plant, to aid in a restful sleep.

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Now that you’ve learned how to decorate your master bedroom to create the ultimate master suite, check out our 8 Tips for a Peaceful and Relaxing Bedroom. These tips will help you maintain the calm you’ve fostered in your master bedroom design.

Once you’re all finished, you may never want to leave the comfort of your own restful and stylish bedroom. And really isn’t that just the way it should be?

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