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The weather outdoors may still be a bit chilly, but there’s no reason not to start decorating for the season with pretty colors and simple elements. Today we are sharing five simple and budget friendly tips to help you style a beautiful and refreshing spring mantel. Plus, learn how to make a fun DIY burlap banner with this step-by-step guide.

white fireplace mantel decor spring grass

The birds are chirping, and the flowers are in full bloom, which can only mean that Spring has officially sprung! You may have noticed, too, that the stores these days are filled with so many cute spring home decor items. Hello, spring!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide what to buy and what to use to decorate your home. Today we’ll show you how to decorate a spring fireplace mantel and introduce to you a few key items that may work for you.

Oh and see the cute burlap banner? Check out the DIY tutorial at the end of this post so you can make one, too! This is a beginner DIY project you can do together with the children. Let’s begin, shall we?

blue vase white lace ribbon

Style Tip #1: A Pop of Color is Key

Decorating for spring is a great opportunity to have fun while adding some beautiful pops of
color! The palette of pastels is amazing this time of year! Once you find your key color, then you can have fun adding an additional complimentary color (or two). I chose blues, greens, and pinks.

This blue vase was the perfect accessory for my mantel design. I simply tied a piece of
white lace ribbon around it to add an element of texture.

flowers spring test tube rack butterflies

Style Tip #2: Add Some Elements of Nature

It is essential to bring the natural beauties from the garden into your home. Although fresh flowers are plentiful this time of year, it is often more practical and budget friendly to use faux flowers so they last throughout the season.

I clipped off single stems from a faux bouquet and placed them in a farmhouse style wooden glass trio holder. A green boxwood wreath and butterfly embellishment stickers completed the look.

Another spring necessity is grass. To make my mantel a little more spring- like I incorporated faux grass in the fireplace area.

white fireplace mantel decor spring grass
grass candle butterfly terrarium

Style Tip #3: Terrariums are a Must This Season

I love the versatility of a terrarium! They come in an assortment of colors and styles! They are most commonly used for plants and mini gardens, but I have found that you can fill them with literally anything your heart desires.

I chose a gold prism terrarium and filled it with a candle, faux grass, and a butterfly. It worked out perfectly!

bronze candle stick holder blue flowers

Style Tip #4: Touches of Glam are Always Fun

I like to incorporate metals in my mantel designs whenever possible. Since the terrarium was gold, I chose to add a gold candle holder, too. I placed a faux flower bouquet on top of the holder instead of the traditional candle. This bouquet includes colors already incorporated in my display.

Style Tip #5: Add Some DIY Decor to Make it Your Own

It is very simple and inexpensive to make your own decor such as banners, wreaths, and accent pieces. Adding something homemade gives your mantel decor that personalized look. I love how this DIY Burlap Banner came out. Make your own with the tutorial below!

Make Your Own DIY Burlap Banner

flower polka dot ribbon burlap clothespins twine

What You will need for this flower and burlap banner:

  • Piece of burlap, enough to cut into three pieces (6.5” x 4.5”)
  • Ribbon, various colors and patterns
  • Rope (45” used, depends on your length needs)
  • Fabric flowers
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Mini clothespins
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Part 1: Prepare Your Burlap Pieces

Cut three pieces of burlap (6.5”H x 4.5”W). Fraying may occur and if so, simply trim the excess or leave for a rustic touch. Then, glue the fabric flowers onto the center of the burlap using a glue gun.

Attach the burlap pieces on the rope using mini clothespins. Leave a space of approximately seven inches between each piece of burlap.

diy burlap banner flowers pearls clothespins

Part 2: Prepare Your Ribbon Pieces

Cut the ribbon into 18-inch strip pieces. You will need two sets of each color. Cut the wide pieces of ribbon in half so that they are the same size as the others.

Finally, tie the ribbon pieces onto the rope using a pattern of choice. Repeat these steps for each section of the banner.

That’s it! You now have an adorable DIY burlap banner to hang on your spring mantel! Have fun making your own and feel free to share on Instagram using #LifeStorageDIY. We would love to see your creations!

diy burlap twine pennant banner flower ribbon

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