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Fall is the perfect time for entertaining. Learn how to make the perfect fall tablescape with this guide!

How to create a fall tablescape.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It might be because I live in the desert and “fall” is a time where the temperatures are under 100 degrees.

Or it may be because of pumpkin spiced lattes, apple cider, and tons of homemade pies.

One thing I’ve really learned to love about fall is the decor. Baby pumpkins, fall colored leaves, mixed metals, even the burnt orange, burgundy and mustard yellow color scheme is one I’ve started to look forward to every year.

Throughout the holiday season, there are bound to be people in and out of your house. This can be a stressful time. Trust me, I know! If you’re planning on having guests for the holiday season, this easy guide on how to create the perfect fall tablescape will help make this season’s entertaining a breeze.

If you’re decorating the table this fall, here’s how to create the perfect look:

1. Mix Metals, Textures and Colors

So often, people think they have to stick to one metal tone like gold or silver. It’s becoming so much more acceptable now a days to mix metals like rose gold and silver or bronze and gold. This adds both color and texture to a tablescape and can tie the whole thing together with whatever your central theme is.

2. Anchor the Table with a Centerpiece

In this example, we built the tablescape from the middle out. When you’re using quite a few elements on your table, you want to always start with the center piece. You can roughly place a place setting down to see how much room you have to work with for your tablescape, but since it’s going to be the main focus, you want to try to design it first and then add your settings in afterwards.

If you have a larger element, like the antler candle holder we used, don’t feel forced to put it in the center. Putting it off to the side can add an interesting dynamic to your table design!

3. Set the Table with Unique Place Settings

One of my absolute favorite elements on this table was the gold leaf plate. We could have easily used another square plate, but I loved how this elevated the entire place setting.

With a tablescape like this one that has so many moving parts to it, having a focal piece at each place setting is important, and this gold leaf plate made the perfect focal point.

4. Pull in Seasonal Items

This is my favorite part of designing a table! The best way to tie the entire event together is to use items that are seasonal. For this design, we used cotton, pumpkins, corn husks and real leaves on the table! This can also be things like linen patterns, napkin rings, plates, glasses, silverware, menu cards, candles, etc.

5. Use Natural Items

Natural items like flowers, leaves, branches, etc., within the table design can give the tablescape a soft, rustic touch that is needed with the mixed metals and angular plates.

7. Set the Mood


Play light music in the background, light candles or even open a bottle of wine, if appropriate. Creating an atmosphere around the table is almost as important as the food that goes on it.

8. Relax and Enjoy!

Now that you’ve prepped and created a beautiful tablescape, enjoy your company and make memories around the table.

What is your favorite way to decorate for fall?

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Madison Wetherill

Arizona based food blogger passionate about hospitality and community around the table. Madison shares easy recipes to inspire others to get in the kitchen and learn that cooking can be a fun part of every day life.

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