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Do you know you’re heading to a party and are wondering what on earth to bring?  Today we’re sharing five creative hostess gifts you can DIY this holiday season.


1. Flower Arrangement Pitcher


Two classic things to bring to a party are adult beverages and flowers, so why not combine them?  If you’re searching for a fabulous recipe to wow the crowd with, make apple cider sangria; white wine, apple cider, and caramel vodka. Yum! First things first, though. Let’s make this pitcher flower arrangement.

For this project you will need:

  • drink pitcher
  • plant pot
  • paint (optional)
  • floral foam
  • florals
  • ribbon

First, purchase your hostess a pitcher for serving your favorite drink. Then, find a plant pot that fits the opening of the pitcher. If you have a glass pitcher like the one here, you want to paint the pot to match the colors of your arrangement.  Then, cut your floral foam to size to fit inside the plant pot.

Now you are ready to arrange your flowers! Once you have everything assembled, tie a ribbon around the pot to complete the look. Your hostess will have something to decorate with AND a functional gift to use the night of the party.

2. Frame Display


Being a party goer is fun! All you have to do is show up. Make sure you let your hostess know how much you appreciate all their hard work.  Consider giving your hostess a thank you in a grand way by putting a thank you note in a frame display that they can use again later.

First, spruce up an old frame with some coconut oil. Then, insert a new backing using burlap and cardboard cut to size.

The last step is to attach a clothing pin to the frame using your glue of choice.  All that is left to do is write your thank you note and give your hostess a smile.   Instead of a plain old envelope, it’s a perfect holder for your thank you note AND they can use it again later for whatever they wish… including the menu for the evening!

3. Personalized Wreath


A wreath makes a beautiful gift that your hostess can enjoy all season long, and they are easier to make than you might think!

First, gather your supplies:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Florals
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pre-cut wood letter

If you choose to paint your wreath, this would be the first step. Using spray paint to put light even coats on both sides of the wreath.

Then, using your wire cutters separate all the floral stems and start assembling your wreath! Arrange the florals in whichever way you find pleasing.  Each floral stem can be attached on the back of the wreath by wrapping floral wire around the stem and the grapevine.

Lastly, personalize the wreath for your hostess by painting the wood letter and attaching it to the wreath using wire.


4. Marble Cheese Platter


You will never believe this cheese platter uses scrap wood and one marble tile!

Cut your wood to fit the size of your tile.  Then, using the same type of wood, cut two smaller pieces to serve as the edges of the cheese platter. Then, using wood glue attach the three pieces together. Using stronger adhesive, attach the tile to the wood.  Drill holes for your handles and screw them in.

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Pair it with some cheese and you’re all set. Fancy!

5. Snowman S’more Dessert Bar


Your host worked hard to put together the various elements of the party. Tell them to skip worrying about what to make for dessert, cause you’re bringing a s’more bar! Not just any s’more bar, but one that is complete with an ice sculpture snowman!

Start by filling some balloons with water.  Three different sizes – just like a snowman.  You’ll want to be sure to leave some air in them so it creates a divot as it freezes.  This will allow you to stack them later on

Once they are completely frozen, cut the balloon and remove the ice.  Warning: this part is extremely cool and will be a lot of fun! Once they are stacked, you’re ready to assemble the rest of your snowman.

Use a hole punch to cut out some eyes and buttons. Cut a small piece of orange for the nose and a piece of ribbon for the scarf.  You’ll also want to make a mini top hat.  Just wet the surface a little bit, and your pieces will stick to the ice. Pair it all with your s’more bar and you’re ready to go. So cute!

Okay, so I know this post said it was going to include five gifts, but I couldn’t resist giving you all a bonus gift idea!

BONUS: Thankful Pumpkin


Remember the hot glue pumpkin from my 10 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin Under $10 post?
Give this pumpkin an update from Halloween to Thanksgiving! Just peel off the lettering and follow the same process as you did before. Repaint and viola!

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