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Kendra transforms her cluttered spare room into a combination guest room / office space.

Create a guest room and office combo out of your spare bedroom with these tips.

My guest bedroom has always been a struggle for us.  We don’t have guests very often, but when we do we always have to clean up and empty out this spare room.  Whenever there is an event or update going on in the house, the spare room becomes a dumping ground.

Also, the room is supposed to function as an office and craft room, but it is usually so cluttered and unorganized, that never happens.

Here are some tips and ways I have created a shared space that can function as an office and a relaxing guest room.

Step 1: Clear the clutter.

Create a guest room and office combo out of your spare bedroom with these tips.

The major issue with my spare room was the amount of stuff. Before the makeover, my husband’s desk was in the walk in closet because of the lack of space. This set up was just not functional.  There was no room in the closet for anything else, so all my craft and sewing stuff was all over the guest room. Not very inviting for visitors. We could always temporarily put the space together by tossing clutter into the closet, but it never felt quite comfortable. See all those shelves in the corner overflowing with crafty goodness? They had to go.

I am hiding a lot in this before photo. You really can’t see how cramped it was or what is hidden from view. Embarrassing.

Step 2: Find furniture and a layout that will allow for dual function.

Create a guest room and office combo out of your spare bedroom with these tips.

Our old bed frame was not functional for my new vision.  It was a lovely frame, but it was bulky and low to the ground.  There wasn’t a way to shove it into a corner, and you could not store anything under it. I found this product on Amazon that would serve as a frame and boxspring while also allowing enough room for storage underneath: The Zinus Platform Bedframe.  Sold.

Step 3: Create an environment comfortable for work and rest.

Create a guest room and office combo out of your spare bedroom with these tips.

I needed to brighten up the space and make it seem like a cohesive design rather than filled with a hodge podge of unused elements from other rooms of my home.  Previously, I was going for a beach theme in this room.  The curtains and rug moved in here earlier this year from the living room.  I didn’t want to change those, so I searched for some inspiration to incorporate them into my new vision of “coastal farmhouse.”

A guest room should be a calm space.  I didn’t want to clutter the area with too many personal items or over decorate, which can be difficult when you are sharing your guest room with a work space. I kept the art and decor simple and neutral so anyone could feel at home here. And I am storing all work items in the closet and under the bed.

Step 4: Reuse items you already have in a meaningful way.

Create a guest room and office combo out of your spare bedroom with these tips.

Once we cleared out some clutter, my husband’s desk was able to be moved out of the closet.  We use it as a vanity or a work space. I hope to keep it uncluttered, but we will see.

Before, the mirror was being stored in this room with no purpose.  Since the guest bath is also our main floor bathroom, this large mirror is very convenient for guests. I am happy it has found a new home!

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I covered an ordinary office chair with a slipcover. Functional and pretty. These vintage brass candlesticks are finds from one of our recent trips.

Since there is more room in the closet and under the bed for storage, this second desk area doesn’t have to be cluttered with craft supplies.  Here is where I added all the coastal feeling.

Step 5: Give the bed dual purpose, but keep it cozy!

Create a guest room and office combo out of your spare bedroom with these tips.

My favorite part of the room is how we transformed the simple bed frame into a daybed. For it to feel more like a place to relax, it needed plenty of pillows.  Pillows are always my favorite part of a room. I repurposed the large cushions in the back from our IKEA couch.  A while back I replaced them for a more cottage feel.

When guests arrive, the daybed can easily sleep two. But if they want to relax in a private living space, they have somewhere to hang that doesn’t feel like just a “bed.”  I prefer white linens because this helps a guest bedroom feel more like a hotel. Try to keep your linens clean and simple.

The storage space underneath this bed is much more useful than with our previous bed frame. Here is a peek at what is under the bed. I can tuck away my clutter in these storage bins.

Create a guest room and office combo out of your spare bedroom with these tips.

Okay, one last look! I no longer have to shut the door and hide our spare room. Who’s coming for a visit? And more importantly, will this help you do the same?

Tips to create an office and guest room.

Thank you for stopping by and reading! Share your guest room/office insight in the comments below.


  • Vanity chair: Ikea office chair, covered in Target slip cover
  • Desk Chair: Ross Stores
  • Take Me to The Ocean Print: Home Goods
  • Daybed comforter: IKEA
  • Pillows: Home Goods
  • Throw: Home Goods
  • Lamp: Home Goods
  • Storage Bins: IKEA Skubb Line
  • Wire Tray: 13&Market
  • Recycled Glass Beads: Etsy
  • Acrylic and Gold Stapler and tape Dispenser: Home Goods
  • Black Desk: IKEA

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