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Do you wait until the last minute to wrap your presents? Use kraft paper and common craft supplies for these natural gift wrapping ideas.


Believe it or not, wrapping holiday gifts can be one of your favorite parts of the holiday season. Granted, many of us tend to wait until the last minute on Christmas Eve to finish wrapping so sometimes gifts end up getting thrown in a bag or wrapped with simple wrapping paper. These five simple gift wrapping ideas are perfect for a minimalist look that can even be achieved last minute.

To achieve each of these looks, you’ll need a roll of simple wrapping paper. You could use any plain color you want, but for a natural look, start by wrapping each package in a roll of kraft or “butcher” wrapping paper. This can be found at pretty much any craft supply or party supply store.

Holiday Twine and Clothespin


Simple and colorful twine is perfect for decorating presents. This red and white is ideal for holiday gifts. Add a simple mini clothespin to secure the name tag to the twine. You could use multiple colors of twine or keep it simple with just a double layer of one color.

Holiday Stamped Pattern

You’ll love the look of white ink on kraft paper. This simple holly stamp was perfect for creating a pattern across the paper.


If your box is fairly sturdy like a shipping box, you can stamp directly on the package itself. If your box is a bit flimsy, you will want to do the stamping before you wrap your present. Just measure out a piece of wrapping paper and then stamp your design across it. You can alternate directions for the stamps or do a randomized pattern depending on the look you’re going for. Let the paper dry for at least 30 minutes so that you don’t smudge the ink before wrapping.


Washi Tape Decorated Present


You may remember our washi tape monogram tutorial. You can also use washi tape to decorate a few presents for under the tree. You can do a TON of things with washi tape to decorate your boxes. Here, treat the tape like ribbon and do a simple weave of a few strands of washi tape in different colors. You can also use the tape to put an initial on the box if the initial is a more straight letter like “I” “T” “X” etcetera.

Don’t be afraid to use non-holiday themed washi tape. You can use any washi tape you have. Another idea is to use a small piece to tape your name tags onto the boxes for a really simple look.

Simple Ribbons and Glitter Monogram Gift Tag


It’s easy to overuse red for holiday decorating and skip out on the green. Think outside the box and use a black, white and glitter combination. Make sure to incorporate different styles of ribbon including different thicknesses, materials and patterns that were all coordinating.

Because the ribbons are simple patterns, it’s easy to use a few different strands while keeping the look of the packages super simple.

The final touch is a monogram “E” cut out of a 12×12 piece of glitter cardstock that is taped to the box. You can also buy glitter letters at your craft store.

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Natural Gift Wrapping


Add natural elements to  your gift wrapping. Don’t have any greenery for this project? You can actually use a small piece of Christmas tree or buy a piece from the craft store that is used for making wreaths. Maybe you have an old wreath or garland you don’t love anymore that could be cut apart and used for decorating your boxes.


Here are a few ideas of natural elements to use: dried “cranberries”, Christmas tree branches/leaves, fake floral pieces and pine cones. Use a permanent marker to write directly on the package to label it. This has to be the easiest way to decorate a box!

Now you have five simple ways to decorate gifts this year. Use a combination of all five for a festive look under your tree.


Watch the video for a behind the scenes look at these decorating ideas.

Which is your favorite?

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