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Are you looking for a new way to display your favorite pictures and prints? We’re sharing an easy upgrade you can give any picture frame using twine


Hi! I’m Layla from My Sunset Avenue, and I’m going to share a super simple picture frame DIY you can create in minutes. The best part about this project is, it’s super easy to change out the picture whenever you want.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Any picture frame of your choice (You will only need the frame part)
  2. Twine (cut about double the width of the frame)
  3. Paper Clip Clamp (found at most craft stores)
  4. 2 Small D-Ring Picture Hangers with screws (found at any hardware store)
  5.  Scissors
  6. Pencil
  7. Cordless Drill
  8. Metallic Spray Paint (optional)
  9. Tape Measure (optional)

Here’s what you’ll do…

First, hang your picture of choice centered on the twine with your paper clamp. Then flip your frame over so the back side is facing you. Position the twine and picture to where you want it to hang and hold it in place.


Make a pencil mark where the twine is so that you will know where to drill the D Ring picture hangers. *Keep in mind, the weight of the paper clamp and picture with

*Keep in mind, the weight of the paper clamp and picture with make the picture sit a little lower once it’s hung. So you will want to eye ball a little higher when making your mark. (You can use a tape measure here if you prefer!)


Now you’ll drill the D Ring picture hangers into either side of the frame, where your pencil marks are.


All that’s left now is tying your twine to either hook. *Make sure you tie it as tight as possible to avoid your picture hanging too low. Trim any excess twine off the ends.


You’re all done! Now you can hang your favorite photo from the paper clamp!


Here’s what your new frame will look like when it’s all finished. Any project where you use items you already had lying around the house is a win in my book. It makes this a super cost efficient way to display my favorite photos.

These would also look great hanging on the wall or added to an existing gallery wall. I love the gold clamp paired with one of my favorite wedding photos of my bridesmaids and I.


To change up the look, I spray painted a metal paper clamp to a brushed bronze and switched out the picture to my favorite postcard of the Boston Skyline.

For someone who’s style and decor is constantly changing, I appreciate how easy it is to switch up the photos. I already can’t wait to add a seasonal print for the holidays!


So next time you’re staring at the same picture frames you’ve had hanging for years, try switching it up with this super easy and inexpensive floating frame DIY! Is this something you’d like to try at home? We’d love to hear from you. Just comment below and let us know.

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About the Author

Layla Gunning

Hi! I'm Layla, a new homeowner living in the south shore of Boston with my husband and 2 pups. I'm obsessed with affordable interior styling, mixing old and new and all things home. I blog over at sharing how we're making our little 1900s New England bungalow our dream home on a DIY project, thrifted find and decor deal at a time!

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