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Learn how to make your very own Valentine’s Day yarn wreath from just a few items, some of which you may already have around the house. Simply follow this step-by-step tutorial.


February is the perfect time of year for fun and festive decorations. This year, get inspired to make this Valentine’s Day yarn wreath with felt flowers. It’s neutral enough and versatile to use all year long.

This wreath features heather grey yarn with removable felt flowers so that you could change the colors with the seasons. There is also a cute printable! This is a beginner DIY project you can do together with the children. Let’s begin, shall we?

Supplies for making a felt flower wreath

What you will need for this project:

  • One 14” Styrofoam Wreath
  • Yarn ( I used a skein of Heather Grey shown)
  • Felt (I used 9”x12” squares in various colors)
  • Chalk (optional, but helpful)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • Bakers Twine
  • 2” Corsage or Boutonniere Pins
  • Free Printable LOVE Banner
  • Optional Decoration: embellishments, additional ribbon

Step One: Making the Yarn Wreath

Make a Valentine's Day Felt Flower Wreath With a Banner

Basic wreath forms come in different styles and colors. I chose a styrofoam wreath because it was (1) budget friendly, especially with a coupon, and (2) it would be easy to push the pins into the wreath. I chose a heather grey colored yarn because I wanted a neutral base. You could use any color your heart desires – the possibilities are endless!

First, tie the yarn onto the wreath base using a double knot. Don’t worry about it showing, this will be the back of the wreath.

Make a Valentine's Day Felt Flower Wreath With a Banner

Next, wrap the yarn around the wreath form over and over and over and over. One small tip: I did NOT cut the yarn before starting this project as I did not know how much would be needed. So, I literally weaved the skein of yarn around and through the wreath form. I also could have used a smaller size ball of yarn. I also would stop after 10 or so wraps around to push the yarn together tightly.

Make a Valentine's Day Felt Flower Wreath With a Banner

This process took about 40 minutes for the size wreath I was making. When you are done, simply tie another double knot. Trim off the excess and claim this to be the back of your wreath.

Valentine's Day Wreath

Don’t be alarmed if it is not perfect – I personally liked seeing the extra texture and character that came about naturally.

Step Two: Making the Felt Flowers

Vday Wreath Project - How to Make Felt Flowers

There are many variations of felt flowers. Today, I will be showing you a simple approach that you can do with your children.

I chose a couple different colors for my flower arrangement – red, pink, black, white, and grey. First, I drew a spiral with chalk onto my piece of felt. You can also do this freehand once you are comfortable. The size of the spiral will determine the size of your flower. Make your largest flower first and this will give you an estimate of your next batch for your arrangement.

How to make a felt flower rose

When you’re done cutting, it should resemble something like this.

DIY felt flower rose

Next, starting from the end of the spiral, wrap the felt tightly around a pencil. You will want to maintain the shape until you reach the end of the felt spiral.

How to Make a Felt Flower Rose for a Wreath

When finished, simply slide your flower off of the pencil. Lastly, using your glue gun, dab a few pieces of the flower including the back to maintain the form.

DIY Felt Rose How To

Your final product should resemble something like this. Repeat these steps to make your additional flowers, if desired.

Step Three: Attach the Flowers

Felt Flower Wreath

I knew when I saw these pearl corsage pins they would make the perfect final touch to my arrangement. However, you can also use a glue gun to attach if you prefer.

Lay your flowers on your wreath first to determine the placement.Then, either glue or pin the flowers onto the wreath. Depending on the placement, you may need to pin at an angle, making sure the pin does not poke through the other end.

Felt Rose Flower Wreath DIY

I used two to three pins for each flower to add an extra layer of dimension.

Step Four: Adding the Final Touches {Free Printable Banner}

Mini Love Banner Printable

So what would make this wreath even more festive? A mini LOVE banner, of course!

Simply download the love banner printable, print on heavy white cardstock paper and cut out.

Wreath DIY with Yarn

Wrap a piece of baker’s twine around both sides of the wreath. Next, glue the baker’s twine to the back of the banner.

Add some ribbon on top to hang your wreath.

That’s it! You now have an adorable yarn wreath with felt flowers. The best part is the flowers and banner are removable, so you can use it year round or change it up every once in awhile!

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath Project With Banner

I really love how this wreath turned out. Have fun making your own and feel free to share on Instagram using #lifestorageDIY, we would love to see your creations, too!

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Laura Destro is a lifestyle photographer who loves to make DIY decor and holiday crafts. She is also known for her DIY Outdoor Sink, Holiday Mantels and seasonal craft ideas she shares on both her blog and Instagram @destrophoto.

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