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Is your house the least festive on the street? Don’t fret. We’re sharing our favorite reasons you should decorate your porch as well as some simple fall porch decorating ideas.

Ways to decorate a fall porch

Most of us love to get ready for the cozy and colorful Fall season by decorating the inside of your homes, but do you usually decorate the outside, too? If you don’t already, here are three reasons why it’s just as important to spruce up outside of your homes this season.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a front porch. Keep reading for easy outdoor decorating tips that work for front stoops or stairs, too.

1. It welcomes you home.

After a long day at work, there’s nothing I love more than walking up my front steps and being greeted by a cozy Fall scene. It just automatically puts me in a good mood and makes me want to curl up on the couch with the dogs, light a candle, drink some pumpkin spice tea and smell something warm and tasty cooking on the stove.

We love to make our guests feel welcome, it’s just as important for us to get that same feeling walking into our own homes too!

porch decorating ideas
Front porch accessories for fall

How to decorate a front porch for Fall

2. You’ll be the most popular house on the block with the Trick or Treaters.

I remember as a kid always picking the houses on the street that had coolest decorations. They were all lit up, spooky and awesome, and I remember running to those front doors first because I just knew they probably had the best candy. Personally, I love Halloween and don’t feel like I did it right unless all my candy is gone at the end of the night.

Fall porch decorating ideas

Classic Fall porch vignette

3. It adds curb appeal.

Whether you’re trying to sell your house or just simply take pride in your home, curb appeal helps increase property value as well as gives a great first impression to guests and neighbors. One of my favorite things to do is ride around when the leaves start to change and see the pretty homes in my neighborhood all spruced up and decorated for the season.

One of my favorite things to do is ride around when the leaves start to change and see the pretty homes in my neighborhood all spruced up and decorated for the season.

Add curb appeal with Fall decorations

Now that you’ve decided to decorate this year, we have some bonus pointers for you. If you want to learn 3 easy tips on how to decorate the front of your house, just keep on reading:

✔ Vary your height.

Start with a base by stacking and layering different heights. This helps add interest and dimension.

This year I used crates, and hay bales and last year I used an antique trunk as my base.

Tips to decorate a porch for Fall
Porch for Halloween and Thanksgiving

✔ Make it cozy.

Make it cozy by bringing the indoors out with throws, pillows, books and old stools or chairs. Don’t be scared to mix it up! I love to use old items in new ways each season.

Fall porch

✔ Don’t forget ambient lighting.

Add warmth and ambiance with lanterns and candles.

How do you all like to decorate outside your homes during the fall? Just comment below to share your own tips and tricks. Thanks so much for reading and wishing you all a very happy fall season.

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